7 Ways to Spice Up Your Sex Life

Make it hot!




Do you reminisce about when you and your bae literally could not keep your hands off one another? It may make you a little sad or a lot frustrated, but you can get it back! Here are 7 easy ways to spice up your sex life and make it hotter than ever! 

1) Wear something sexy! 
Every guy loves seeing his girl in sexy lingerie! Bring out your alter ego and surprise your man with tiny clothes he is sure to drool over. 

2) Toys, toys, toys! 
If you want to experiment and try something new, sex toys are the ultimate way to add fun and excitement in your relationship! It might feel odd at first especially if you are shy, but let your guard down and have fun! 

3) Try something new! 
A quick way to spice things up in the bedroom is by trying out a new sex position. You don't need to wait for your man, take charge and let him know what you want.

4) Initiate sex...outside the bedroom! 
Having sex in the bedroom is great but if you are looking to bring back that 'thrill', why not do it somewhere else? Restaurant bathrooms, in your car, and even unusual places in your home can add a lot of excitement! 

5) Say OK to PDA! 
While you don't need to have a full make out session in public, you can certainly let your guy know what is on your mind. Sneak a few secret 'touches' here and there and show him what you want, especially while you are out and about! 

6) Have morning sex! 
Because why the heck not?! Most guys are primed and ready when they first wake-up, so grab him and get started! Trust us, he will not complain. 

7) Have a wine night in! 
Instead of going out, why not spend some alone time with your other half in the comfort of your home? Make some dinner, have some wine and just enjoy being with one another! That closeness will definitely make sexy time even better.