5 Things All Women Should Do Before Going to Bed

...to wake up pretty!




1) Brush your teeth.
This one may seem obvious but brushing your teeth before bed can literally save your pearly whites! When you skip out on brushing your teeth, it can cause cavities and tooth decay and no one wants that! 

2) Remove makeup.
No matter how tired you are, make a point to take off all your makeup before bed. Sleeping with your makeup is one of the worse things you can do for your skin and you will wake up with clogged pores (hellooooo, pimples!). If you had a late night and too tired to wash your face, remove your makeup with a cleansing towelette. 

3) Apply eye cream.
The skin around the eyes is extremely thin and requires more moisturize than the rest of your face. Applying eye cream at night will prevent wrinkles and help you look refreshed in the morning! 

4) Moisturize.
Moisturizing your skin before going to bed is extremely important! Even if you have oily skin, don't skip out on applying a night cream before bed, which will prevent wrinkles, redness and flaking. 

5) Drink water.
Drinking a full glass of water before bed will keep you hydrated and help you burn more calories as you sleep! Water also helps clear off toxins from your body and you will wake up more energetic.