5 Career Mistakes You Might Be Making

Stop doing this, right now!




You may not realize it, but some of your actions may be sabotaging your career. Yup, we are totally serious! Here are 5 mistakes you may be making that is hindering you from taking your career to the next level. 

1) Blaming others.
Constantly blaming others, without ever accepting responsibilities for your actions shows immaturity to a manager. If you have made a mistake, own up to it. Your managers will have a lot more respect for you if you are honest.

2) Being too emotional.
Having a reputation of being 'too emotional' at work is not a good thing. If you find yourself getting angry, upset, crying, screaming at every situation at work shows your manager you do not work well under pressure and cannot take on more responsibilities. 

3) Skipping out on networking.
Many times people get ahead in life because of who they know, not necessarily because of their qualifications. Keeping yourself under the radar and skipping out on networking (social media, company gatherings, industry parties/conferences etc.) can hold you back from potential opportunities.

4) Not willing to learn.
One of the worst qualities you can possess at professional environment is the unwillingness to learn something new. It gives off an arrogant persona and no one likes to deal with someone who thinks they know it all. 

5) Talking sh*t about your boss.
Your boss may actually be the devil, but you should never speak badly about them, especially in a public place! Even with the most trustworthy coworker, you never know who is listening or ways your conversations may go back to your boss.