7 Mistakes You Are Making in Your Relationship

Don't say we didn't warn you!




No relationship is perfect, but did you know some of your actions can be holding your relationship back from it's truest potential? Yep, we are totally serious! Avoid these mistakes and you make your relationship an absolute bliss!

1) You snoop around.It is never OK to snoop on your man. Sneaking around and looking through his personal belongings/phone/emails is a clear sign of insecurity and your man will not appreciate you invading his privacy. 

2) You don't give him space.Just because you are in a relationship, does not mean you need to be a part of every aspect of your bf's life. It is extremely healthy to have a life outside of your relationship, with your own friends and family. 

3) You are too controlling.If you find yourself trying to control your man's every move, you are setting your relationship up to fail. No one likes to feel controlled and your partner may start to distant themselves from you.

4) You try to change him.You fell in love with you man because of who he is as a person. Changing him to fit your idea of a 'perfect boyfriend' means you don't love him for who he truly is. 

5) You expect way too much from him.Just because you are used to doing things a certain way, does not mean your boyfriend will do things the same way. Expectation often results in disappointment. 

6) You are too nagging.It is perfectly normal to complain here and there, but if you are constantly nagging or complaining, you are sending negative vibes to your partner, which can be very draining. 

7) You don't respect him.One of the core fundamentals of a healthy relationship is respect. Disrespecting your partner can have a very negative impact on their self esteem and often lead to resentment.