7 Times Your Dad Was Completely Right

Should have listened to him!

​1) Don't text and drive. 
This is something he always told you not to do, but you only listened half the time. Now, as an adult, your stomach cringes anytime you see someone texting and driving.

2) Stop worrying so much!
He always told you not to worry because things will work themselves out. And guess what? They always did! 

3) Work hard! 
Because hard work actually does pay off! 

4) "That" friend is no good. 
He warned you that your 'friend' was not really a friend but you chose not to listen. Now that she is out of your life, you know he was right! 

5) Pay more attention in school! 
Looking back at it, you know he was right when he told you to pay more attention to your studies. 

6) Don't curse so much! 
Andddd now you totally hate people with a potty mouth! 

7) Go to sleep early! 
Now you realize waking up feeling like a total zombie the next day is so not cute!