11 Things No One Tells You About Being Pregnant

"No effin' way!!!"




Being pregnant is an amazing feeling! A little person is growing inside of you and you and your spouse are SO filled with excitement! YAY! But of course, with the good, comes the bad/weird/random/wtf! Here are 11 things that happen to your body, mind and social life that no one EVER prepares you for! 

1) Your boobies will get HUGE!
...and super sore! Ouchhhh! 

2) Your hair might fall out like crazy! 
Haircut? Yes, please! 

3) You get very, very, VERY gassy. 

4) The baby could hiccup in your belly
...and it feels weird AF! 

5) Your group of friends will change. 
Say good-bye to your single friends! 

6) Your skin may break out like never before. 
Perks of the 'pregnancy glow' = sweat.

7) You will have to pee...a lot! 
And no one better get in your way! 

8) You may see random, gross discharge throughout your pregnant. 
Yep! Totallllly normal! 

9) Your sex drive will remind you of your teenage self. 

10) You will see your baby kick/move! 
And it is SO freaky and cool all at the same time! 

11) Your mood swings will be out of control.
Think PMS on a whole other level! 

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