20 Ways to Fake Having Your S**t Together

Small tricks and hacks to make everyone believe you have it all figured out 

They say you should fake it till you make it.

fake it

 It seems that in today's world your image tends to define who you are. While we are not trying to encourage you to be actually fake or tell lies in anyway (That's so uncool TBH), there might be a certain amount of merit in picking up small habits that make you look and feel like someone who is in control and organised. Not only can it help make an impression at your workplace and to friends, it will also help you feel like more of a boss, even when things around you are chaotic.

Here are twenty small little tricks to make you seem like you have your sh**t in order, that take almost zero effort to adopt.

1. Use a planner : Even if you use it only half the time, a planner makes you seem super cool, busy, and organised. Plus, it might help you keep on top of meetings and events as well.


2. Sleep in pajama sets.

4. Pull your comforter over your messy sheets so that it looks like you actually managed to make your bed.

5. Own a coffee table book. Preferably one about palace gardens or art.


6. Prop your yoga mat up against your dresser. Put on a 10 min Youtube video at least two to three times a week min to keep you limber and serene.


7. Subscribe to a news app. Just take five minutes to skim over the day's news so that you can be clued in about world events. Don't venture into any lengthy discussions without having the right knowledge FYI, cuz then everyone is going to figure out what you are doing, fast.

8. Play classical music. Movie soundtracks work as a good cheat.

9. Own a phone that doesn’t have a cracked screen.


10. Create a personalised email sign off with a list of your accomplishments.

11. Match your underwear and bra.

12. Own one complete set of plates, wine glasses, and serving platters.


13. Own personalised stationery. An elegant fountain pen is a plus.

14. Read a book in public places instead of scrolling on your phone. Preferably a beaten up, softcover copy. Bonus points if it's a classic like Tolstoy or Dickens.


15. Put spices and herbs into trendy mason jars. Same goes for your sugar and salt.

16. Place some throw pillows on your couch. Make sure you have a few statement pieces.

17. Have at least one decorative bowl or vase in your house and buy fresh flowers when someone is coming over.

18. Have a potted plant (like a fern) or succulent that's easy to maintain sit on your windowsill. A cactus works too.


19. Carry your own water bottle and reusable cutlery to work. Bonus, this one is good for the environment as well.

20. Document all these little things on Instagram. Show the world how together you have it, one clever angle at a time.