Your Sex Horoscope for the Weekend

✨Find out what's in store for your love life this week! 💖

Your Sexoscope for the week of January 4-January 11:


It’s a busy weekend, Aries! Mercury, planet of communication, briefly connects with reckless Uranus, attracting new encounters and surprising conversations on Friday night. Venus, planet of relationships, has been in seductive Scorpio for months now, illuminating your chart’s zone of intimacy. Take advantage of this sexy Venus placement this weekend, because on Monday, Venus enters Sagittarius! The intensity and seriousness of your love life loosens up a bit and you can have fun with your S.O. again—everything isn’t so critical with Venus in like-minded fire sign Sagittarius now.

Venus in Sag wants you to branch out and experience newness in your relationship life. Switch things up in bed and climb on top this week, or channel Venus’ vibes and confidently approach your crush to strike up a conversation. Who knows where it can lead! Love and sex become an adventure with Venus here, so enjoy the ride!


Friday’s Capricorn moon fills you with optimism and you notice more of a pep in your step, Taurus. Mercury, planet of communication, joins the moon in Capricorn this weekend, amplifying your good mood and boosting your confidence! You stay in your own lane pretty much all the time, but this upbeat feeling from Cap season’s like-minded earth sign vibes has you motivated to chase after who or what you want! Ask that cutie you’ve been eyeing up at the bar for their number or message that hot Tinder match who hasn't made the first move yet.

When Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday, your chart’s sector of sex is set ablaze and you’re inspired even more to try new things re: love and sex (mostly sex!). Venus in Sag just wants to have fun with relationships, so why not surprise your S.O. with a sexy new outfit or a new toy? Anything new and fresh in your sex life promises to be especially exhilarating now!


The moon in Capricorn on Friday puts you in the mood, Gemini! Your chart’s sector of sex is the focus of this time of year, and your mind tends to wander towards deep topics like intimacy and your deepest, most committed partnerships. It’s not the best time of year for flings, especially as Mercury joins the Capricorn party this weekend, really pulling your focus towards commitment and closeness with your primary partner. You’re not known for your love of settling down, so the vibes may initially feel very strange.

Don’t worry—on Monday, Venus, planet of relationships and pleasure, enters Sagittarius! Venus in Sag is almost as carefree as you are and provides some relief from the solemn tone of Capricorn season. You’re still in a more commitment-focused mindset, but the playful vibes of Venus right now still let you have fun with your S.O. and keep your relationship light-hearted like you like it.


Watch out, Cancer, it’s a busy week for your sign! Capricorn season in full swing means that your relationships are your primary focus, and you’re taking them pretty seriously. The likelihood for unforgettable action with your S.O. is high in your horoscope this week, but there may be some changes afoot first. You’ve not been particularly satisfied with your love life lately and your yearning for a better romantic or sexual connection is at an all-time high this weekend.

Well, your dreams may just come true—there’s a solar eclipse on Saturday indicating sudden opportunities for improvement and changes in your love life are on the way! Just a heads up, with an eclipse like this, you may have to let something or someone go before your love life’s situation improves. Trust your gut and follow your heart, little crab. This change may be scary, but it’s guaranteed to lead to bigger and better things.


How’s it hanging, Leo? Capricorn season keeps you busy AF and you haven’t had a spare moment to do anything fun, it seems. This weekend’s Capricorn moon piles on more pressure and keeps you at work, and with Mercury entering Capricorn too, you just can’t seem to escape your responsibilities.

Luckily, Mercury and spontaneous Uranus’ connection this weekend indicates that there’s a chance for you to get it in after a surprise run-in with someone who gives you major heart-eyes! It might begin as “just a hookup”, but it may also develop into something more, since Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday. Venus rules over relationships, and like-minded fire sign Sagittarius energy highlights your cart’s zone of sex and romance! Enjoy your playful flirtationship for now, little lion! If you get bored with it before this Sag energy runs dry in a few weeks, no harm done—but there’s potential for serious developments with this one!


While everyone else is being crushed under the pressure of Capricorn season, you’re thriving, Virgo! Cap season is the time of year where love, sex, creativity, and fun are all highlighted and you feel less tense and more upbeat. Mercury enters Capricorn on Friday, focusing your communications and general thought process around your love and sex life. The same day, the Sun joins forces with dreamy Neptune in your chart’s zone of relationships, signifying a meet-cute with a total dreamboat—the kind of person you immediately catch feels for. Make sure they aren’t too good to be true before bringing them home this weekend!

The Aquarius moon starting Monday indicates that the fun and games have to conclude for most of the week, and you’re stuck at work. However, by the end of the week, the moon moves into Pisces and your focus is back on relationships–any new paramours of yours are all that’s on your mind! Venus enters Sagittarius this week, so don’t take any new romances too seriously—it’s all about having fun right now!


The Capricorn moon on Friday (and all of Cap season’s vibes, TBH) keeps things low key for your sign, Libra. Right as you settle in for a long night at home this weekend, Mercury and Uranus, planet of disruption, connect in your chart’s third and seventh house. In English, this means that a brand new connection is formed out of the blue, totally catching you off-guard this weekend! Whether it’s an unplanned hookup that leaves you breathless, a surprise first date, or just someone sexy sliding into your DMs is TBD—just don’t be surprised if you find yourself swept off your feet!

Venus enters Sagittarius on Monday, and your love life almost instantly becomes substantially busier. Cap season is slow and steady for your sign, but this high-energy Venus placement keeps your attitude bright and the romance in your life active and exciting. Plus, the hot vibes of fiery Sagittarius have your sex drive higher than normal, now, too!


The industrious Capricorn moon has you on the go all weekend, Scorpio, whether you’re working, chatting on the phone, out with your pals, or just running errands. Mercury’s movement into Capricorn on Friday amplifies this busy busy vibe, but also increases the number of new connections entering your life.

An especially eye-catching individual grabs your attention this weekend as the Sun connects with dreamy, romantic Neptune in your chart’s zone of love and sex. With Venus, planet of love and pleasure, still in your sign, you feel and act more attractive and irresistible than ever—and it works! Whether you’re just macking on this new cutie for the evening or end up taking them home, the weekend appears to be filled with romance.


The earthy Capricorn moon this weekend is activating your chart’s zone of pleasure and desire, Sagittarius. It’s a sensual moon phase for your sign, so any kind of romance or sex promise to be especially pleasing this weekend! Don’t count too much on getting lucky, though—Venus in Scorpio is still in your chart’s zone of isolation.

Luckily, come Monday, the planet of pleasure and love finally breaks free from the murky waters of Scorpio and flies right into your sign! Hallelujah! Venus was in Scorpio for months and also went retrograde in the fixed water sign, so your love life just hasn’t been operating to its highest potential. Now, you’re more confident, and able to flirt, tease, chat, and connect with others without a problem. Now that Venus is in your sign, you attract others effortlessly, like a magnet, and here’s a fun bonus: Venus in Sagittarius attracts money to your life, too, not just new love interests!


Happy birthday, Capricorn! The moon is in your sign this weekend, so connecting with others and being yourself is a walk in the park—perfect if you’re going out for a b-day bash! Venus is still in Scorpio, the most sexual sign, all weekend. While in Scorpio, the planet of love and pleasure is in the most social part of your chart, so finding yourself a birthday lay isn’t a hassle at all!

Enjoy these sensual Scorpio vibes while they last! On Monday, Venus enters Sagittarius, a sign that has very little in common with you. In your chart, Venus in Sagittarius is placed in the zone of aloneness and the subconscious, so love and sex are placed on the back burner for now. Don’t worry, this only lasts a few weeks. Before you know it, Venus will be in your sign next and your love life will be put right back on track.


Feeling a little down, Aquarius? The Capricorn moon this weekend has that effect on you. Cap season feels like a wet blanket in general for your sign, and this weekend this is especially true. Use these days to take some alone time and relax–you’ll need to rest up in preparation for Venus entering fiery Sagittarius on Monday!

Although Capricorn season is typically an introverted time of year for your sign, Venus in Sag is one of the most social and outgoing placements for you! New connections come trickling in from all over and opportunities to connect with others and form romantic, sexual, or even platonic relationships appear around every corner! The moon enters your sign on Monday, too, so the astrology of the week is certainly in favor of you romantically!


The Capricorn moon starts your weekend off on a rather social note, Pisces. Mercury, planet of communication, enters Capricorn on Friday which really amplifies that social vibe and you’re all but guaranteed to have your calendars booked with social events and outings with the gals now! If you can make it out this weekend, there’s a fairytale-level romantic connection waiting to happen—Neptune, planet of fantasy and emotions, in your sign teams up with the Sun in Capricorn to bring a total hottie into your love life on Friday.

Whether this new love interest is as good as they seem initially is yet to be determined, however. On Monday, Venus enters Sagittarius, a fire sign that’s almost as carefree and playful as you are. This means that you don’t need to worry about taking this new flirtationship too seriously. Have fun with it! Be a tease and pull out your inner coquette! If this new addition to your love life is worth your time, the commitment-loving vibes of Capricorn season will ensure they stick around!

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