Capricorn: Your Long-Time Desires Will Come True This Year

But there are high work pressures to be dealt with.

The new year has started with a bang, and we're here to give you our yearly predictions for you, Capricorn. We looked to, both, the stars and the cards to see what 2019 has in store for you. 

Astro : Your long-time desires will come true in 2019. Life seems to be cruising smoother than before, and there are no big challenges. This makes it an ideal time to think out of the box. Work pressures will be high, so work towards a work-life balance to avoid problems in relationships. Singles, be careful about making a commitment. Spend more time together to analyse whether or not you’re truly compatible. 

Tarot : This year brings renewed motivation and you’ll become more goal-oriented. This optimism will attract whatever it is you need in life. You’ll do exceedingly well financially, in all your business transactions. While it might not be a priority now, a new romantic beginning or rekindled affair might just sweep you off your feet. Things are looking good for you this year, dear Cap, and you’re about to experience positive and nurturing changes in all spheres of your life.