Pisces: Beware! This Year Could Bring Some Confusion and Stress

However, sudden opportunities will bring you money! 

The new year has started with a bang, and we're here to give you our yearly predictions for you, Pisces. We looked to, both, the stars and the cards to see what 2019 has in store for you.

Astro : 2019 could bring some confusion and stress, but if you maintain an optimistic approach, life will not be as hard as it may seem. Sudden opportunities will bring you money—it could be income from rent or sale of property or a new business proposal. This year is also ideal to reveal your true feelings to your beloved. And if you’ve been looking at making things official, go ahead and be the one to propose. The answer will be a yes.

Tarot : This is an important period for you. Professionally, you will be hanging out with a lot of VIPs, but you might have to wait for great things to unfold. Personally, you will feel weighed down by responsibilities, but this period wouldn’t last long. Your greatest success will come through new or repeat business contacts, but you’ll be craving for more. You might be easily irritated, of late, but that’ll change when a new boo enters your life, bringing optimism and confidence.