‘Game of Thrones’ Told Us How It Ends All the Way Back in Season 2

How did I miss this?!

  • There’s proof that Game of Thrones told us the show would end with Daenerys becoming the Mad Queen all the way back in season 2.
  • FYI, spoilers for the penultimate episode of Game of Thrones lie below. It’s not too late to turn back if you haven’t watched!

Spoilers are coming. You’ve been warned!

Sunday’s penultimate episode of Game of Thrones came as a huge shock to fans who were left 😱 when Daenerys went full-blown Mad Queen and burned down King’s Landing. But the thing is: We should have seen this coming. Game of Thrones foreshadowed Dany burning down King’s Landing alllll the way back in season 2, during her vision at the House of the Undying.

In this vision, we see Dany walk into a completely destroyed throne room as what appears to be snow falls from the sky. Except, now we know it’s clearly not snow. This seems to be ash, a direct result of the destruction she and Drogon inflicted upon King’s Landing during the show’s penultimate episode.'

Here’s a quick visual, in case you’re at work and your boss is a hundred percent side-eyeing you watching GoT videos:



It’s wild to know that the Game of Thrones Powers That Be have been carefully planning this moment for so long—and speaking of foreshadowing, another scene from Sunday’s episode should look familiar to you. Remember that scene of Drogon’s shadow flying over King’s Landing? It was teased in Bran’s vision about five years ago:In other words, say what you will about the writing this season, but clearly, Dany’s destructive downward spiral has been endgame from the very beginning.