Your Horoscope for the Week of September 16

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.

Playtime’s over! Saturn moves direct in Capricorn on Wednesday, helping us take our lives more seriously. An empowering trine between Mars and Pluto helps us get our act together on Thursday. A square between Jupiter and Neptune on Saturday gives us a jolt of optimism and visionary ideas this weekend.


Saturn moves direct in your career sector on Wednesday, which inspires long-term ambition, responsibility, and a killer work ethic. Your attention to detail on Thursday will improve your chances of success on the job, so don’t get distracted. The weekend’s energy is imaginative and adventurous, so follow your bliss.


Let education and travel inspire you when Saturn moves direct in your big-picture sector on Wednesday. Develop a plan to boost your confidence, self-esteem, and self-worth on Thursday. Maximize the weekend’s sexy energy with a partner whose intelligence is a major turn-on.


Saturn moves direct in your sexuality zone on Wednesday, so let partners see the deepest version of you. Sexual safety is your priority on Thursday, so be clear on what your needs are. This weekend, be a meaningful support system for your romantic partners.


When Saturn moves direct in your romance sector on Wednesday, make sure you and your partners are putting in the effort. Is it time for the talk on Thursday? If so, vocalize your expectations. Finally, get organized this weekend so you’re in the right frame of mind for fun with friends.


Make sure you tend to your health and wellness after Saturn moves direct on Wednesday. Invest in yourself and personal growth on Thursday because you’ll always see the returns. Your confidence is irresistible and sexy to partners this weekend, so let it radiate.


When Saturn moves direct on Wednesday, it helps you focus less on comparison and perfectionism. Then, on Thursday, make sure you trust your intuition on issues relating to authenticity and self-worth. A calm and restorative weekend with your closest connections and romances might be just what you need.


Saturn moving direct in your home life on Wednesday is inspiring you to redecorate, move, or ground yourself. And Thursday wants you to find ways to make it a more restful, healing space. Use the weekend to tend to wellness, exercise, and health strategies.


Saturn moving direct in your communication and listening zone on Wednesday wants you to use your words for boundaries. Thursday helps you show up for friends in a meaningful way or vice versa. And a luxurious weekend encourages you to splurge and treat yourself to only the best!


Saturn moving direct in your income and value arena wants to make sure you’re putting your money where your heart is. You’ll be a grounding force at work on Thursday and supportive of your colleagues. A tender weekend is ahead, so show your vulnerable side to the people you love and trust.


When Saturn moves direct in your sign in Wednesday, you’ll be showing the world how you’ve improved. Your wisdom shines on Thursday, so contribute your ideas and share your perspective. Soulful conversations this weekend will give you clarity and healing wherever you need it.


Saturn moving direct on Wednesday inspires you to be proactive when it comes to completion and closure, especially as they relate to intimacy issues on Thursday—release the inner control freak. Have a beautiful weekend with friends where you pamper and empower each other.


Saturn inspires you to engage more deeply with your friends when it moves direct in your social sector on Wednesday. Thursday could contribute sexual tension with them, too. You’ll be super efficient this weekend, so get to work on past-due passion projects and tasks.