Your Capricorn Horoscope For the Month of December 2019

Our in-house astrologer tells you what's in store for your sign✨

Dear Capricorn, balance is needed to be a good player in your profession or family life. You would do better to remember that everything is in your hands.

In professional matters, December will be a time of progress. However, it is advised that you must talk to loved ones before taking important decisions and planning investments. Listen to their views to bring the finances to a good condition.

Proper planning combined with rational expenditure will result in economic stability.

It will be a great time for love and romance with the position of Jupiter and Venus especially in the middle of the month. You may even consider starting a family.

Singles will meet new acquaintances but be wary of people who may be looking for personal gains from a relationship rather than true love. The worries and concerns bothering you will pass soon. You will also be taking the onus to let go of the past and facing a much better future.

You are going to enjoy good health this month. Take care of your body to restore strength and energy with a healthy diet.