Your Virgo Horoscope For the Month of December 2019

Our in-house astrologer tells you what's in store for your sign✨

Dear Virgo, expect new opportunities in December but avoid beginning new ventures especially in the first half of the month. Wait for the second half of the month, especially if a big-budget project is on the line. The stars warn against planning too far into the future.

Romance is on the cards too. The love between partners will flourish. There are strong chances of finding your life companion this month if you are single. There will be peace, harmony and balance in the relationships.

You may feel emotional flutter mid-month. A mixture of sorrow and joy will bring hyperactivity. Expectations of others from you and dedications from your side will bring in confusions and debates. You will need to deal with all of this very skillfully.

The stars will be supportive to shower you with good health and you will not be bothered with serious health issues. To make sure you’re in the best of health, sign up at a nice gym or go for a yoga session to relax your muscles.