Your Libra Horoscope For the Month of December 2019

Our in-house astrologer tells you what's in store for your sign✨

Dear Libra, this will be a month for you to have communications and exchanges of ideas related to your future monetary gains.

You will be focused on relations with loved ones and rightly so because you’ll find that there is real power in family integrity.

Professional matters should take a back seat this month. Avoid arguing with colleagues because it will only worsen the atmosphere at work. You may have to delay your decision to look for another job because there are chances of making the wrong choice.

Librans can enhance their creative skills due to the presence of Jupiter and Pluto. You may even gain extra money due to this nice planetary position.

Although there is no apprehension that you will run out of money but spend it sensibly, do not make hasty investments in unnecessary goods. It is worth sharing some of your wealth with the less fortunate.