Indian Navy Welcomes Its First Woman Pilot

Sub Lieutenant Shivangi will be tasked with flying the Dornier surveillance aircraft

In another significant milestone for the country's armed forces, the Indian Navy welcomed its first woman pilot with Sub Lieutenant Shivangi taking control of an aircraft.


Shivangi, who was born in the city of Muzaffarnagar in Bihar, was commissioned into the Indian Navy in 2018 after her initial training. She joined operational duties at the Kochi Naval Base on Monday.


“It’s a proud feeling for me, my parents, and it’s a different feeling. I have been craving for this since a very long time and finally, it’s here; I cannot express it. I am looking forward to complete(ing) my third stage of training,” she said while speaking to reporters after joining her operational duties at Kochi naval base.


The 24-year-old will be tasked with flying Dornier aircraft, which are used by the navy for transport and maritime reconnaissance, taking off and landing on the shore, rather than from an aircraft carrier.


Notably, until 1992, India's naval forces only permitted women to serve in medical services.


Source: ANI