Your Horoscope for the Week of December 8

Everything you need to know for the upcoming week.

Is your phone blowing up rn? Yep, thought so. A Full Moon in chatty Gemini on Wednesday will make it go down in the DMs with flirty emojis and WYD texts. And a sexy Venus-Pluto conjunction in Capricorn has us reaching for the dark and brooding types. Oh, and heads up: keep your Sunday schedule spontaneous—the day will be filled with fun surprises thanks to a Jupiter trine to Uranus.


Use your words, Aries! A Full Moon in your communication sector on Wednesday wants you to speak up and listen carefully. Friday’s powerful conjunction lights up your network and professional connections. A sudden realization on work hits you on Sunday like a lightning so remember keep your notes app open so you don’t, um, forget it by Monday!


*cash register sounds on repeat* Wednesday's Full Moon gives you a big direct deposit, Taurus! You’ll want to improve your financial literacy to hold on to the momentum. Friday’s romantic conjunction wants you to practice some straight talk for straight understanding with your dates. Take a lil getaway on Sunday and explore a new place, book, or “space” you’ve been curious about!


This week’s for you, Gemini! The annual Full Moon in Gemini shines on Wednesday giving you a glow up where you need it as you showcase your best talents. Ooo, and Friday’s sexy conjunction wants you to explore your sexual fantasies and desires. You’re off the deep end lasts ‘til Sunday, plenty of time to think about how these could bring you closer to your boo.


Time for closure, Cancer. A Full Moon in your completion sector on Wednesday inspires you to initiate the endings proactively. A transformative conjunction on Friday deepens your romantic bonds to places of commitment and trust. The energy gets a little lighter in your romance zone on Sunday so keep all conversations and experiences friendly and fun.


Time to fire up that group text: the Full Moon in Wednesday wants you to socialize with your ride-or-dies so plan something. A responsible conjunction on Friday wants you to find romance with partners who aren’t afraid to put in the work. Get a head start on the work week this Sunday by tending to little details of the job and that’ll prepare you for your success.


Pop some champs, Virgo! A Full Moon in your career sector on Wednesday wants to highlight your professional dreams and successes so, yay! A confidence-boosting conjunction on Friday helps you strut your stuff and makes you irresistible. You’ll be in adventurous spirits on Sunday so go exploring!


Pack your bags, bb! A Full Moon in Wednesday is sending you to far corners of the international and educational worlds to expand your horizons. A tender conjunction on Friday could put you in your feels on Friday so try to protect and vocalize them to those who need to hear it. You’ll find a helpful realization on Sunday so trust what occurs and comes up for you!


The temperature’s rising for you, Scorpy! A Full Moon in your sexuality sector on Wednesday raises the temps in your bedroom so enjoy it. Speak up this Friday because your words will help the dynamic in your ‘ship go even deeper. Do the same on Sunday as you find yourself in a mediator position so try to find the win-win between you and others.


Happy Birthday, Sag! A romantic Full Moon on Wednesday helps you attract the love you want for your new year. Save your birthday cash on Friday by checking your budget and not blowing big bucks on meaningless things. You’ll get a helpful grounding feeling on Sunday as it slows down your pace, helps you relax, and then gets you organized.


Cap, it’s time to throw out your ex’s old sweatshirt, mmkay? A Full Moon in your tidying up sector this Wednesday helps you do only what helps you and let go of what doesn’t. An intense connection on Friday deepens your relationships to amazing places while you steer the conversation. A jolt of creativity and confidence arrives on Sunday so use that power to make your dreams come true!


Ooo, Aquarius! Wednesday’s Full Moon helps you radiate with charisma and open up to share your story with others. On Friday’s conjunction, commit to doing dating differently with new strategies and thinking for next level romantic results. A beautiful, healing Sunday helps you be gentle with yourself so practice radical self-care and enjoy yourself.


Happy homecoming, Pisces. A Full Moon in your home, family, and feels zone arrives on Wednesday helping you find the people and places you’re safest with. A romantic conjunction occurs in your friendship sector this Friday so blur the lines a bit for powerful results. Have a brunch date with your ride-or-dies on Sunday to close your week on a lovely note!