Everything You Wanted to Know About Moringa – the New SUPERFOOD

The miracle tree can do wonders for your health 

After chia and coconut oil, there's another super-food that people are raving about - MORINGA.

Moringa is native to Northwest India, however, these days it can be found in tropical regions of Africa, Central and South America as well as Indonesia. It's also termed as a MIRACLE TREE due to its multipurpose benefits. It has been used in Ayurveda medicine — an ancient Indian medical system — to treat skin diseases, diabetes, and infections for thousands of years. Additionally, it’s thought to offer weight loss benefits (if that is something you want to use it for).

Commonly known as DRUMSTICK TREE, it's fascinating to know that the whole part of the tree can be consumed or used as traditional herbal medicine. The pods are most commonly used while dried seeds can be used as oil - known as Ben oil - which is high in nutritional value. The beautiful white flowers are not only decorative but edible as well. They are a rich source of both calcium and potassium. The leaves are highly nutritious and taste just like spinach.

Nutritionist Harshita Dilawri, Know Your Nutrients, Delhi and Ambika Tyagi, Healthy Souls, tell us everything you wanted to know about the super-food.

The leaves contain almost 90 nutrients, 40 different types of antioxidants, 23% proteins and about 24% fibre. When we dry the moringa leaves, it becomes SUPER NUTRITIOUS. Research indicates that it contains -

  • 9 times more proteins than curd
  • 15 times more potassium than bananas
  • 3 times more Vitamin A than carrots
  • 12 times more Vitamin C than oranges

The health benefits of Moringa are numerous -

1. Good for gut health

2. Fights free radical

3. Aids in weight loss

4. Can be used as a multivitamin

5. Used in beauty products

6. Regulates blood sugar levels

7. Purifies the blood

8. Fights respiratory functions

9. Strengthen the bones

10. Helps in dyslipidemia


It's found in capsules as well as powdered form. Moringa powder can be used as such with water, in curd and smoothies in your daily routine. Due to its versatility, moringa leaf powder is a popular option. It’s said to have a bitter and slightly sweet taste. You can easily add the powder to shakes, smoothies, and yoghurt to boost your nutritional intake. An average recommended serving size of moringa powder range is from 2–6 grams.