New Year, New Dating Rules: 6 Dating Habits You Need in 2020

‘Cuz it’s the roaring 20s AGAIN and there is no fun in roaring alone. Katy Perry agrees.

A week (or two…) into 2020, you can still add on to your resolutions for the New Year (easier than your pledge to hit the gym every day).

Yes, THIS is the year you go public with your startup idea, take an impromptu girls trip or just casually smash patriarchy every day, NBD.

From finding love to your dream job, all you need to realise your resolutions is an app that multi-tasks as well as you do. So, let’s begin by downloading Bumble to help you find love…in all shapes and sizes, friends and even jobs.

Done? Now, let’s move forward and here’s your game plan…

No ‘hey theres’. Get creative.

joey tribiani

'How you doin'?’ could only get Joey so far, just saying. When chatting up a match, put your best wit forward. 

Facing a creative block? Then, opt for Bumble’s conversation starters. Our fave - “Were Ross and Rachel on a break?”  is sure to break mega ice. 

Seek a bae FIRST and ye shall find


In the blessed New Year, the new you shall apply the ladies-first rule in asking out a cute guy. Luckily dating apps such as Bumble make the process much simpler – Swipe, match and YOU make the first move (or lose the love connection forevs). 

Not only does this lower the risk of receiving the cringe-worthy, “‘‘Helo, wanna frandship?????”’’ messages, it’s also putting full control in the hands of women!


70s show

You now have the option to say NO to sharing personal information. For instance, Bumble has an option for women to hide their first name and only show their first initial. They also have a photo verification to avoid fake profiles and catfishing.

Break your patterns! 


New Year, new patterns…especially ones that do not involve falling for the same ‘type’. Let’s leave ‘falling for the same type’ to Drake, shall we, ladies? So, use the badges to show your interests on your Bumble profile and filter matches accordingly to meet someone who’s into the same things as you.  

Safe dating 101


So, you’ve swiped, matched and exchanged a few messages…but still unsure about including him in your hive? Well, the video chat feature on the app helps you REALLY  get to know someone before you meet them to get comfortable. 

Get with it, girls

Addams Family

Ain’t nobody got the time to be updating dating profiles on the reg. Bumble knows and that’s why we find their Instagram and Spotify integration feature super-easy. Now, you can find a perfect partner to go with you to the Chainsmokers gig the easy-peasy way. Thank us later. 

Join the hive. Download Bumble on the App Store and Google Play Store. Click here to start!