Here's How You Can Plan a Fabulous Bachelorette In the Sky

Those of you planning to fly off to an exotic locale with your BFFs can now start your bachelorette from the moment you start your trip. 

If you’re planning to fly off to an exotic locale with your BFFs for a bachelorette, trust Emirates Business Class to turn that trip into a memorable one. We’ve got a detailed list of luxe experiences—that start even before you board the plane—to prove the same.


The Emirates Business Class offers you a complimentary chauffeur-driven ride straight to the airport, and once you are through with the hassle-free check-in, you can head straight to their bespoke lounge. The Emirates Business Class lounge is a great place to relax—you can enjoy the gourmet refreshments and free Wi-Fi while the excitement seeps in. The best part: you can board the flight directly from the lounge,  avoiding the manic rush.


Once you’re settled in the aircraft, let the journey of a lifetime officially begin! Get comfy in your PJs and turn on ‘ice’ entertainment, where you’ve already created a secret playlist that will sync with all your girls well in advance—the bride-to-be will certainly not see this one coming. Once she’s snuggled into plush duvets, she’ll be served cake and a glass of premium champagne, kick-starting the celebration thousands of miles above the ground. Now all you need to do is let Emirates’ impeccable service take over. They have an in-flight bar and lounge, where you can refill your drinks—it has a wide array of cocktails and mocktails, vintage, limited-ed wines, and rare spirits. Feeling peckish? You can indulge in delicious cuisines from across the globe on-board. Don’t forget to try pralines and bonbons from 8 gourmet chocolatiers like Godiva, Pacari and, Forrey & Galland.


During long journeys, it’s important to clock in on the Zzz—the Emirates staff will turn your seat into a flatbed with a soft, comfy mattress and a cosy duvet. Wake up fresh and enjoy VOYA’s line of skincare along with an exclusive fragrance kit by Bulgari. So what are you waiting for...book your Emirates flight right now!