#CosmoExclusive 5 Loved-Up Illustrations to Share With SO On Valentine's Day

'Happiness Illustrator' Alicia Souza gives Cosmo (and you..) a sneak-peek of cheesy-cute illustrations that will make you say - That's boo and me!

After invoking warm, fuzzy feelings about happiness and things that you see in India, illustrator Alicia Souza is all set to make you fall in love...or something like it. 

She says, "Valentines Day is not just for couples. It is for people who love and that is every single one of us. It is a day for sending a love note to your parents or your dogs or friends. I always thought this was a nicer way of looking at Valentine’s Day...it is a day for love towards anyone including yourself."

dearest george

Her upcoming book, Dearest George, is eloquently described as the 'the corniest, love-iest book ever made' and is an ode to her partner-in-crime aka husband, George Seemon. And, absolutely, purely coincidentally, it is launching a day after Valentine's Day. "I have 0 valentines day plans because I am planning for the book launch which is the next day so, hopefully…I will drag…no wait, George is being dragged to the event and hence, on the 14th I will probably be helping the team set up," she says. 

alicia souza

Cosmo: Did your idea of love change after marriage?

Alicia Souza: No, not at all. The only thing is that living-in definitely changes your idea of a person in a way. People think that love and relationship are the same things which they aren’t. You have to work on a relationship but love remains constant. So, love did not change after marriage but my lifestyle changed a hundred per cent!

alicia souza

Cosmo: Is there an illustration from Dearest George that will make the readers go – This happened to us too! 

AS: I would say the sleeping together illustrations from Dearest George…you know when you want to wake up your partner and you end up snuggling with them? That one. Actually, there are many illustrations about cuddling because that is one of the nicest bit about living together!

alicia souza

Cosmo: Can you share 3 perks of being in a committed relationship?

AS: One is coming home to someone you absolutely love is beautiful even though earlier I used to come home to Charlie (my dog) who I love too. But, someone whom you can talk about our day and actually get a response… I feel that is a really nice perk.

Secondly, on the same note, it's nice to have someone to go through hard times with and know that they have your back…friends do that too. I reckon being married is really similar to having a great friend but with other physical benefits…

The third thing is being able to plan a future together. That is one thing that is hard to plan with a friend because everyone’s agenda differs. I cannot count on my really good friend staying in the country but I can definitely count on George to be with me till we grow old together.

dearest george

Cosmo: What are some ways that our ‘least bride-y’ readers can make their partners feel special?

AS: I think you should just do what works for you. Some people love to go all the way, do big elaborate surprises which is absolutely lovely. But, I like doing small things like leaving surprise notes…call it the everyday unexpected ‘love pinches’. I think making a meal for someone is absolutely lovely too.

Another way could be doing something that he likes and you don’t. Weirdly I don’t like visiting the cinema but George does. Sometimes I book shows for him and it’s like the highlight of his life because I am going for a movie with him even though I am dying inside my head.

Lastly, just do something nice like if he has been meaning to clean a pair of shoes for a while, you do it for him. 

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