Here's What Your Facebook Status Says About You

Could a Facebook status really decode your personality? Research conducted by the Brunel University, London, suggests that it can. Think before you post, eh?    

1. The neurotic type: That girl who’s always posting selfies with the #loveofherlife? Yep, she’s a little neurotic, alright. Researchers say she could be insecure, and her posts aren’t just about telling the world she’s in love, they’re likely a cry for validation (and may come from a deep fear of being dumped)!


2. The conscientious type: You’d rarely see a b*tchy post on this girl’s wall. She may post infrequently, but when she does, it will mostly be about ‘safe’ and inoffensive topics like family, close friends, children, or her boyfriend. PS: the researchers also wondered if these posts may have an underlying thread of competitiveness.




3. The intellectual type: People who post about art, politics, culture, or news aren’t on Facebook to make friends; they’re there to share information. The Brunel study suggests these peeps are probably more creative and open-minded than the average lot (and a great friend to follow when you want to know about a cool, new artist or big debate topic)





4. The extrovert type: When scientists at Brunel compared posts, they found that some people posted more than others, and mostly about their social lives (‘Had a blast at XYZ’s party’; ‘Hanging with my besties’, etc). This type uses FB to keep in touch with people—and also to network-—so don’t hesitate to use social media to reach out to them. 




The narcissistic type: Everyone knows a friend who posts about her amazing new job, great achievements, or an unforgettable holiday. She’s probably a ‘Narcissist’. “This type seeks attention and admiration by boasting,” say the scientists at Brunel, and are more likely to feel good about themselves basis the ‘Likes’ their post gets.