Deanne Panday’s Diet and Work out Mantra for Self Isolation

A tailor-made plan by the celebrity health coach to see you through self isolation

Deanne Panday, health coach and fitness expert, has helped many celebrities including Jacqueline Fernandez and Bipasha Basu achieve their fitness goals. In the current times, when being confined at home seems like a long-term possibility, she suggests a few clever hacks that will help you boost immunity and watch your weight. Read on and thank us later.

Eat Clean

It is a good time to avoid processed foods and aerated drinks, advises Panday. “Include nuts, fresh fruits and vegetables, pulses and grains in your diet. Eat natural food,” she says. Locally grown, seasonal vegetables and fruits are better than exotic ones as she explains the latter are exposed to chemicals to increase shelf life. “These little considerations will help fortify the immunity,” she adds. Indian spices and herbs come packed with a lot of health benefits and now is the time to consciously include them in your day-to-day life. “Add freshly ground spices like cardamom, cinnamon, turmeric, fennel seeds and cumin to your food. Include different colour fresh vegetables to your diet,” she recommends.



Eat Smart

For many, staying at home means binging on junk food as there isn’t much to do. “You crave for food, when you get bored. Don’t fall into the trap,” she cautions. Eating smaller portions in shorter intervals is the trick to beat hunger and avoid overeating. “Eat food that’s healthy for your gut. I like to eat brown rice khichdi with fresh vegetables thrown in for texture and fibre,” she says. Probiotics like yoghurt are highly recommended too. Inflammations starts from the gut, take care of it and you will be better off in fighting viruses.

Vitamin C in the form of oranges, limes, gooseberries and papaya are a good way to boost immunity, she suggests. “When you feel you haven’t eaten enough greens, take  Spirulina tablets. Ashwagandha pills are also a good immune booster. Take the dosage recommended on the label,” says Panday.



Workout With Home Props  

Keep laziness at bay when you are working from home. This is the time to try out fun exercises. “Look around, household things like a bucket, towel, cushion or even toilet rolls can serve as good props for a work out,” quips Panday. A few days ago Panday shared work outs one can do with a bucket on her Instagram. She filled a bucket with water and did squats, lunges, farmer walks and bicep curls with it. “Depending upon your strength you can add weight to the bucket,” suggests Panday.

And in case you can’t get creative, use your body weights to do pushups and situps. “Use the stairs for some quick cardio or use a resistance band for strengthening exercises,” She adds. Panday also stresses on adequate 7 hours of sleep at night and 30 minutes power nap in the afternoon. “Afternoon naps rest the body and rejuvenate it,” she concludes.