Coffee-Lovers, 5 Ways to Pep Up Your Cuppa With Irish Cream Liqueur

From refreshing cold coffees to delish affogato desserts, here's how to make your brews do double-duty. 

Is your Monday seeming bluer than usual? Or are you looking to start the weekend in the true Fri-yay spirit? Well, you can rely on good ol' cup of coffee for just that with a little help from the cream liqueur. 

Beverage expert Mayur Marne, Diageo Reserve Brand Ambassador, shares how to turn your regular cuppa into party mode with his pick of recipes:

Decadent Cold Coffee

cold coffee


•    Baileys Original Irish cream Liqueur: 50 ml 
•    Black Coffee: 50 ml
•    Vanilla Ice Cream: 2 scoops

Method : 
•    Pour 60 ml Cold black coffee in a whisky or highball  glass then add 4 cubes ice 
•    Add Mixture of Baileys and vanilla ice cream [ 2 scoop ice cream and 50 ml Baileys ]

Glassware: Whisky Glass or Highball glass
Garnish: Coffee Powder Sprinkle

White Russian

white russian


•    Baileys Original Irish cream Liqueur: 50 ml
•    Smirnoff vodka: 20 ml
•    Black coffee: 20 ml 

Method :
•    Add 5 cubes ice in a whisky glass 
•    Pour 20 ml Smirnoff and 20ml black coffee along with 50 ml Baileys.
•    Give a gentle stir and enjoy your Baileys White Russian.

Glassware: Whisky Glass
Garnish: Cherry

The Indulgent Hot Chocolate

hot chocolate


•    Baileys Original Irish cream Liqueur: 50 ml 
•    Milk: 250 ml
•    Unsweetened Cocoa Powder: 2 tablespoons 
•    Dark Chocolate: 30 grams
•    Sugar: 1 tablespoon 
•    Whipped Cream
•    Chocolate Sauce
•    Dark Chocolate 

•    In a small saucepan, heat up the milk. Add cocoa powder and chocolate and stir with a whisk until the chocolate has melted.
•    Turn off the heat and add Baileys. Taste it and add sugar to your taste.
•    Optional: Top with whipped cream, chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings.

Glassware: whisky Glass or coffee Cup
Garnish: Chocolate sauce and Grated Dark chocolate 



•    Baileys Original Irish cream Liqueur: 50 ml 
•    Freshly brewed black coffee 30 ml
•    Large scoops vanilla ice cream / Butterscotch 

•    Pour Brewed black coffee in Chilled whisky glass 
•    Add Baileys Original Irish cream Liqueur
•    Add 2 scoops of vanilla ice cream/ Butterscotch

Glassware: Whisky Glass 
Garnish: Grated Dark Chocolate and Almond on top/Coffee beans (Optional)