Here's How to Make the Viral Mango Chiffon Lava Cake

Revealed! The trending mango cake that celebrities are baking. Now you can try it at home too.

Different versions of the mango chiffon lava cake are trending on the internet. A Filipino cake infused with the ripe sweet mangoes, has caught the fancy of netizens worldwide. Since it's the mango season in India, celebrities like Tara Sutaria and Mira Rajput Kapoor are making the most of it by baking their own versions and posting on Instagram.

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If you too want to dig into something delicious and creamy then here's the recipe by Mallicka Sabharwal, pastry chef, Taj City Centre, Gurugram.   

Mango Chiffon Lava Cake



3 Nos egg yolks 

40ml water

40ml refined oil 

15g castor sugar 

15-20g mango puree 

60g refined flour 


For Merigue



110g egg white

60g castor sugar

7g cornflour


1. Whisk egg yolks and water together.

2. Then add 15 gms of castor sugar, mango puree and refined flour.

3.  Make meringue* with egg whites and castor sugar. Then add cornflour to the meringue and whisk.

4.  Fold in all the meringue into the mango mix.

5.  Pour into a mould and bake at 140 degree Celsius for about 20 mins.


Filling for the lava




50g cream cheese

15g castor sugar

25g yoghurt

4g salt 

150g whipped cream

45g mango puree 




1.       Whisk the cream cheese and castor sugar and ensure there are no lumps.

2.       Add in the yogurt and salt until smooth.

3.       Whisk in the whipped cream.

4.       Then add the mango puree ensuring that it has a smooth texture.      

5.       Once the cake is baked, remove when it’s warm.

6.       Make a hole in the centre like a donut and place chopped mangoes.

7.       Pour the filling over the centre and over.