Luke Coutinho Shares 5 Diet Myths You Need to Stop Believing in Right Now!

Is coffee bad for you? Do carbs really make you gain weight? Here's everything you need to know about getting fit with your diet.  

Being in the best shape of your life is usually not the struggle that it's cracked up to be. It takes oodles of patience, listening to your body and having a clever diet plan (with a few cheat meals thrown in!). Author and lifestyle coach Luke Coutinho agrees! 

"I do believe in cheat meals, and I think it is important too. If you are following your regime say up to 90 per cent, you can and you deserve a cheat meal every week. More than that, it helps in keeping your metabolism high. Eating the same food every day makes your body’s metabolism set to a particular level, and cheat meals help to reset it and ensure that it works well. Another interesting aspect of a cheat meal is that it keeps you disciplined. When you are on a strict diet, a cheat meal gives you something to look forward to and helps you resist the temptation at the moment. Also, the enjoyment and the pleasure felt after eating something you’ve been craving for, results in an improved mentality towards your diet and the feeling of being rewarded makes you want to keep going. A truly indulgent meal for me consists of tiramisu or a truffle fries," says Luke, who is also the Adviser of Integrative Lifestyle and Nutrition at Purenutrition.me and has authored The Great Indian Diet Book with Shilpa Shetty Kundra. 

Luke Coutinho

He shares some of the prevalent diet myths that you need to shirk ASAP to begin your lifestyle change:

Myth: Eat according to the clock

"Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner are manmade and one must listen to their body and feed when hungry. If we have eaten a late dinner, chances are we will not wake up feeling hungry. This means our body is still under detoxification mode. We must honour that and only eat when true hunger arises." 

Myth: Dairy Products Are Fattening and Unhealthy

"The truth is dairy products are important as they give you the protein that your body needs to build muscles and calcium to strengthen your bones. However, it should be consumed in moderation, only if you are lactose tolerant. Fat-free milk are devoid of fat but pumped with sugar to make up for the lost taste and that can be harmful to health."

Myth: Dietary Supplements Don’t Help

"The truth is dietary supplements from good brands help a lot, and they can be helpful to fill voids in your nutrition. You must always consult a dietitian or nutritionist before starting a regime."

Myth: Carbs Make You Fat 

"Carbs alone cannot make you fat. There are many other aspects like the type of carbs, portion and at what time you consume it that must be considered. Cutting down on carbs is not a wise thing to do as it’s the main source of fuel for your body."

Myth: Coffee Isn't Good For You  

"Coffee, when consumed in moderation(1-2 cups) can actually be healthy as it provides antioxidant phytochemicals."