How to Make Banana Caramel Pancakes from Scratch in Under 30 Minutes

An easy recipe for busy mornings as well as late night cravings!  

Easy to make, pancakes are a universal comfort food. They can be the hero at your breakfast table or the warm, inviting dessert at dinner. What's more, they can be made with few ingredient lying at home. So here's a simple banana-caramel pancake that you can make from scratch in under 30 minutes for those busy mornings or at the end of a day, when the hunger pangs strike.  

Banana Caramel Pancakes



300ml Milk 

10g Sugar 

213g Flour

1 Nos Egg

10ml Vanilla essence 

8g Baking powder

30g Butter 

2g Salt 


Mix sugar milk and egg.

Add vanilla essence.

Add all dry ingredients.

Add melted butter.

Rest for 20 min

Cook it on hot plate.

Serve it with fresh fruit.

Caramel-Banana Syrup


250g Sugar 

150g Cream 

100g Butter 


Caramelize the sugar.

Add warm cream.

Mix it will and cook.

Add butter let it melt and dissolve.

Strain it and cool it.

Recipe by Chef Rahul Chahar, Bakery Chef, Taj Mahal, New Delhi.