10 Amazing Facts to Make You the Most Interesting Person In the Room

...or in your group chat. From the seconds it takes you to dislike someone to why your cat is allergic to you, wow any crowd with these mind-blowing bits of trivia.   

  1. Sarcasm Spurs Creativity

According to a study in ScienceDirect, general forms of sarcasm promote creativity through abstract thinking for both the expresser…and the recipient. Yeah, one more reason to love Chandler Bing…and also @RandomGuy on Twitter whose snarky remarks apparently get your creative juices flowing in return, too.

  1. ‘Go’ is the shortest sentence in English.

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That’s right. It is grammatically correct, and a sentence in itself! Go figure! (Wait, is that the second shortest sentence?!)

  1. It takes only 90 seconds to like or dislike someone

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Published in BBC’s Science of Love, it usually takes “between 90 seconds and 4 minutes to decide if we fancy someone”. Interestingly, it has very little to do with smooth-talking. We get attracted 55% through body language, 38% via the tone and speed of voice, and only 7% through what is said.

  1. Orange is the worst colour to wear for a job interview

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A survey by Career Builder and Harris Interactive showed that orange actually makes for the most unfavourable first impression, especially on the career front. The best colour to wear, just fyi, was blue.

  1. Your productivity depends on your office temperatures

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According to an ergonomics study at Cornell University, “warm workers work better”,  wherein when the temperature was increased (from 68 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit), typing errors reduced by 44 percent, while the typing output jumped by 150 percent. So do excuse us for any typos, it’s not us, it’s the AC!

  1. Falling in love hits the brain like cocaine does

So you can be high on life, science-wise, too! According to a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, love triggers the same sensation of euphoria as experienced by those on cocaine, as several happiness-inducing chemicals, like adrenaline, and dopamine, are released in 12 areas of the brain that work simultaneously.

  1. Heart Break is actually a thing!

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Yep, and not just a casual moniker! According to a piece in Heart.org, there is, in fact, such a thing as a Broken Heart syndrome, and it can strike even if you are healthy and lead to cardiac consequences. Also, “women are more likely than men to experience the sudden, intense chest pain—the reaction to a surge of stress hormones—that can be caused by an emotionally stressful event”.

  1. Some cats are allergic to people

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Not metaphorically, this is legit! Some cats are allergic to pollen and grass, or fleas and dust, and some to humans! According to an article in Popular Science, it could be due to the residue from our perfume, soap, laundry detergent, etc. So yeah, we can give them runny noses, hives, rashes, the like.

  1. Multi-tasking can damage your brain

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Various studies (by University of London, University of Sussex, Stanford University, et al) shows that doing many things at the same time can have adverse effects on you, including damage to the brain. It can make you IQ drop by a whole 15 points, lower your performance by as much as 40%…the effect equivalent to staying up all night or smoking marijuana.

  1. Mobile phones have 18 times more bacteria than the toilet handle

Gross, but true! According to a study done in the UK, “14.7million of the 63 million mobiles in use in the country could be potential health hazards”. The bugs found on the phones included faecal coliforms, associated with human waste,and e.coli and staphylococcus aureus , related to food poisoning, among others.