How to Do Push-Ups Correctly For Toned Arms and Abs

When performed correctly, the push-up is a great fat-burning exercise that can strengthen many major muscles. Fitness and Pilates expert Shalini Bhargava tells you how to ace it.  

Bodyweight exercises are a great way to continue your fitness journey while social-distancing. If you are missing your regular arm workouts at the gym with dumbbells and bars, push-up or press-up is the move for you!

This fat-burning exercise always gets reactions at either end of extremes. While some find it extremely difficult, others find it too easy. Well, in both cases, you may want to check your form while performing a push-up. 


A correctly performed push-up can increase your strength, tone the upper arms, shoulders and even your core, and lower back. So, we spoke to fitness and pilates expert Shalini Bhargava of JG's Fitness about how to ace a basic push-up. 

Mistakes to Avoid

Don't drop or crane your neck forward 

"This can lead to a lot of stress on the neck and shoulders. Push-up require the same position as a plank— your body must be in one straight line with arms slightly close to your body. The key is to make sure your ears are in the same line as your shoulders and look down between your hands to perfect the neck position ." 

Don't let your hips sag 

"This is a commonly committed mistake while performing a push- up. When you let your hips sag down towards the floor, it tends to place a lot of stress on your lower back."

Not breathing properly

As with all exercise, not inhaling and exhaling can tire you more. So, instead of concentrating on the number of reps, focus on your breathing. 

Perfect your push-up


·         Get on the flat surface with all fours, placing your hands gradually being broader than your shoulders.

·         Spread out your legs backwards to enable you to stabilize on your hands and toes.

·         Keep your body in a straight line from head to toe without dropping in the midst of curving your back. 

·         Place your feet close together or a bit broader.

·         Prior to beginning any movement, you must contract your abs and stiffen your core by dragging your belly button towards the direction of your spine. 

·         Keep a tight core all throughout the push-up.

·         Consider inhaling as you gradually bend your elbows and lower yourself till the time your elbows form a ninety-degree angle.

·         Breathe out as you start to contract the muscles of your torso and pushing back up through your hands to the preliminary position.

Now, say hello to toned upper arms!