Abs 101: How to Do Crunches Correctly to Get Killer Abs

Pilates and fitness expert Shalini Bhargava shares how to properly do crunches or sit-ups for tighter abs and core.

When it comes to washboard abs, crunches or sit-ups are the most popular exercise to win the battle of belly flab. This powerful move not only tones your abdominal muscles but also helps improve your posture, especially if you are prone to sitting in one place for extended periods. 

So, we spoke to Shalini Bhargava, fitness expert and director at JG's Fitness Centre to know about the dos and dont's about this powerful exercise to get better results.

Avoid making these mistakes

properly crunches

Pulling on your neck: Shalini says, "The most common mistake made by almost everyone is to pull on your neck while sitting or crunching up. The main reason behind placing your hands behind your neck is to enable them to support your head. The lift has to be initiated using the abdominal muscles." 

Weak core: "The second mistake is attempting to do a sit up without adequate strength in the core muscles. This can injure the back. It’s better to do crunches instead of sit up."

The correct way


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·         Lie down comfortably on your back with legs being slightly bent and placed firmly on the flat
surface to make your lower body stable.

·         Hands must be crossed to opposite shoulders or must be placed behind your ears, without
pulling on your neck.

·         Properly curl your upper body all the way up toward the direction of your knees.

·         Breathe out as you lift. Gradually lower yourself down, and come back to your preliminary point.

·         Breathe in as you lower. Beginners must aim for about ten reps at a time.