Friendship Day: 3 Zodiac Signs That Make Great BFFs in Your Friend Circle

From always being there for your 3 am calls to fighting off your haters, these 3 sun signs are true friends indeed!

Did you really feeeel it when Drake crooned - F*** a fake friend, where your real friends at?

Friends are one of the biggest support system one can ask for.  "We don’t choose our parents, nor do we choose our siblings, but there’s one person in our lives who we choose ourselves without any external influence. Yes, we are talking about the best friend. However, it’s not an easy task to perform the role of the ‘bestie’ in someone else’s life. It requires unparalleled trust, tweaking your own priorities, time and effort. Your zodiac sign does not merely determine your basic characteristics, but also influences your attributes as a friend, or say, the best friend," says Pandit Jagannath Guruji, astrologer, prophesier and philanthropist.

friendship day

Here are his pick of zodiac signs that make great BFFs, is your bestie one of them?

Aries (March 20 to April 21 )

Being the first astrological sign in order, the energy level of people who are Aries is often high. They are adventurous and believe in following their passion. These attributes make Aries - the fire element - a constant source of motivation for others. If your best friend is an Aries, there would be no dearth of encouragement in your life. If you ever feel low or discouraged, just reach out to your BFF, he’ll do the needful. Remember Munna Bhai’s ‘Circuit’? Arshad Warsi played just what he is – an Aries. Aries gel well with Leo, Sagittarius, Gemini and Aquarius.

Gemini (21 May and 21 June)

Gemini is the air element and hence very energetic. Just like air, Gemini can pave a path for themselves even in the slightest of gaps. Despite being full of energy, Geminis do not necessarily aspire to be the centre of attraction. In other words, they do not mind not being the centre of attention once in a while. If your concept of a BFF is one who ensures a support system, then Gemini is to look out for. The other good part is that they are fun loving and jovial. The most prominent example of a Gemini is Karan Johar, Bollywood’s own best friend forever. They are most compatible with Leo, Sagittarius and Capricorn.

Leo (July 23 and August 22)

The third in the list is Leo, the fire element. Leos are attractive, bold and honest. If your closest friend is a Leo, you won’t have to venture outside in the hunt of the motivator you are seeking. They are particular about career growth and tend to encourage others to follow the same path. They are very positively motivating and their plan includes rising in life. Among the most famous Leos is former US President Barack Obama, who fought against all odds to take up the most powerful job in the world. Leos connect well with Sagittarius, Aries and Cancer.