Your Hand Sanitiser Could Be Harming Your Skin

Dermat-approved ways to fix the side effects of excessive use of hand sanitisers

Amidst the pandemic, we have made hand santisers our content ally. They give us a sense of security, every time we step out. If we touch someone or inanimate objects or surfaces we are quick to rub our hands with a few drops. However, too much use of santisers could wreak havoc on our skin. 

Dr Deepali Bhardwaj, dermatologist and laser hair transplant surgeon, founder of Skin and Hair Clinics, says, “using sanitiser even twice a day can lead to killing of the good germs and bacteria that are sitting on our hands. We have natural flora and micro commensals on our body that protect us from infections. When these are removed from our hands, then the skin becomes more prone to allergies, infections and eczema. Also, sanitiser is especially harmful for those suffering from atopic dermatis, asthma, psoriasis, severe eczema. It’s essential to maintain a balance of good bacteria.”

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What can you do to fix dryness and irritation?

The alcohol present in the sanitiser can irritate the skin. Dr Deepali suggests you avoid using santiser when at home. Use water and hand wash or soap instead. When you are out in public places use sanitisers. 

Also, apply cream, moisturiser or coconut oil to your hands before going off to sleep. “Keep your hands well moisturised. However, avoid use of perfumed moisturisers as the strong chemicals used fro fragrance can cause irritation and lead to further depletion of good bacteria from the hands,” advises Dr Deepali.

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Dr Deepali suggests you add crushed camphor to coconut oil. Camphor removes toxins from the skin, moisturises it and its anti-inflammatory properties soothe the inflamed skin.