A Complete Meal Plan for Non-Gym-Goers, According to a Weight Management Expert

From delicious sandwiches to fat-busting smoothies and nutritious rice bowls, Dr Simal Soin tells you exactly what you should eat in a day to get fitter and fabulous-er! 

You may have often heard that the recipe behind getting fit is 70 per cent diet and 30 per cent workout. So, even if you are no gym junkie and a stroll around the park is all the physical activity you can manage, you can still meet your fitness goals by making some healthy and tasty tweaks to your diet. The key to a balanced diet is ensuring you have meals that fullfill all your dietary requirements of carbohydrates, proteins, fats, fibre and essential nutrients.

And...that is easier than it sounds! Skincare and weight management expert Dr Simal Soin, founder of AAYNA Clinic says, "Ideally, we should take a balanced diet which includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, whole grains, proteins. People tend to forget that. To have a balanced meal, according to the thumb rule, is to have a colourful plate of veggies, salad, grains and pulses." 

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So, here is a meal plan templated recommended by Dr Soin that you can try out with plenty of options for those with unique dietary preferences!

BREAKFAST (choose from the following options)

·         Masala oats /oats upma+ green tea/cold coffee OR

·         Egg sandwich + green tea/cold coffee OR

·         Kale egg bake with one multigrain toast + green tea/ cold coffee OR

·         Spinach corn or cottage cheese sandwich+ green tea/ cold coffee OR

·         Oats with yogurt and berries 


A cup of green tea OR coconut water and 5 soaked almonds, one walnut

LUNCH (choose from the following options)

·         Quinoa salad and yogurt OR

·         Brown rice with tofu/paneer OR

·         Grilled chicken and salad of your choice OR

·         Mushroom millet pilaf OR

·         Multigrain bread with steamed veggies OR

·         Whole wheat pasta or spaghetti with vegetables OR

·         Vegetables and soya baked cutlets and mint chutney OR


A cup of green tea


Kale and apple smoothie OR Beetroot, apple and celery smoothie

DINNER (choose from the following options)

·         Lentil or vegetable soup with steamed vegetables OR

·         Grilled or roasted chicken/fish/tofu +salad OR

·         Herbed cottage cheese and veggies OR

·         Grilled veggies with mushroom sauce OR

·         2 whole eggs and avocado salad OR


A cup of green tea/jasmine tea