I Did a Good Deed Everyday For a Week…and Here's What Happened!

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​For my "Challenge of The Week", I decided to do a good deed everyday for one week. And sure, it was tough to figure out what good deed I should do everyday, but I felt very good afterward. Take a cue people, and do your own good deed challenge. It's totally worth it!

Day 1

Ever heard of the expression "Charity begins at home"? That's what I did. I decided to start off my Good Deed challenge right at home. So for Day 1, I decided to cook breakfast for everybody. Nothing lavish, but there was bread, eggs, cut fruits, fresh juice, and tea and coffee for the taking. Seems like a small task, but my house help and my mom actually got an extra hour of sleep because of my good deed.

Day 2

So my good deed for Day 2 just happened off the bat. A friend at work was really stressed about a story and on the verge of tears. And though I was ready to call it a day at 10 at night, I decided to help her out. Split between the two of us, the work took us about half an hour (it would have taken her much longer by herself). And though I left the office at 10 45 pm, I really did feel good about myself.

Day 3

I left my house prepared for Day 3. Believe it or not but my house is always stocked with biscuits and other snacks, none of which are consumed by anyone in the house. So I decided to put them to good use. Now, if you live in India, you know you'll see beggars at every corner. And on Day 3, instead of paying money, or turning a blind eye to beggar children, I gave them biscuits and snacks. To put things into perspective, I gave seven kids food that day.

Day 4

When you work in media, your timings are pretty screwed up. Late nights are a given, and if you have a driver (like I do), his schedule is synced up to yours. So, for my good deed for Day 4, I decided to give my driver paid leave. How does that help? He actually managed to wrap up a lot of pending work that day; personal work that had just piled up because he hadn't found the time.

Day 5

A colleague from work did not have a way back home. Let me also just clarify that I didn't know this colleague and she doesn't work in my team. So on Day 5, I dropped this girl home. Though her house wasn't on my way, and was an easy 40 minute detour, I felt good about my deed. Two reasons: 1) She's a girl and I didn't want her to travel alone at night in Delhi. 2) I now know a new person in the office. And that's always good, right?

Day 6

I decided to start Saturday with a good deed. So I went to day school for slum children near my house and volunteered there for half the afternoon. I'm now going to be volunteering there every Saturday. A good deed for keeps.

Day 7

My last good deed in the challenge was another one that I plan on carrying on. My house help took up the task of learning English a couple of months ago. Though she's asked me for help a number of times, I never had the chance to actually sit with her and really teach her. So, on Sunday, my mum decided to give her the day off and I sat with her and taught her English. She now knows the Alphabet by heart and also remembers how to write most of them down.