7 Expert Tips to Take Care of Your Delicate Lingerie

A guide to effectively wash your delicate undergarments

We all know that delicate lingerie is not to be washed in a washing machine, unless you are okay with bent underwires, lumpy padding, loose straps and frayed lace. So the best way to wash lingerie is in a tub with a good yet gentle hand rub. That’s what most of us think, but there’s more to washing and taking care of your lingerie, if you want them to last longer. Manab Hembram, creative director, Design, Zivame shares a few tips and tricks you can use to clean your delicates every day. 

1. Be gentle. Yes, we call them delicates for a reason! Just like us, our delicates need some TLC too, so being gentle with them is super important. “Where your delicates are concerned, stay away from harsh scrubbing, scorching hot water and direct sunlight. We recommend that you hand wash them whenever possible,” says Manab.

2. If your Lingerie is stained (sweat, grime, food!), dab soap on the affected area and rub it gently.

3. Soak your Lingerie in lukewarm water mixed with a mild detergent. Work the soap into the fabric and rinse with a light hand.

4. Instead of wringing the Lingerie dry, press it onto a dry towel to get rid of all the extra water. “This way you avoid damaging the spandex material of the Lingerie, keeping the integrity of the fabric intact,” explains Manab.

5. Dry your delicates in the shade to protect the colours. Dry them on a flat surface so they don’t lose shape. “These simple steps can extend the life of your Lingerie to up to 8 years! Amazing,” adds Manab.

6. When you are short on time and using the washing machine seems like the only option. There are a few things you can do like putting bras and panties in a mesh bag while running a load. This way, your Lingerie stays separated from the regular clothes and chances of tearing and getting twisted is reduced. 

7. Avoid using the dryer in your washing machine. “Excessive squeezing motion will break down the fabric and cause damage to your Lingerie,” says Manab.