A hairstylist Has Shared The Best Hack For Making Hair Look Amazing in Pictures

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How are celebrities so bloody good at selfies? And not just any selfies, ones with zero makeup or hair styling? As much as I like to pretend my rare attempts are an effortless one-shot wonder, they're far from it - with a good twenty minutes spent searching for the most flattering angle, lighting and background. It's bloody exhausting, and not worth the effort for a smattering of likes and a feeling of inadequacy *dramatic sigh.*

The likes of Jennifer Lopez, Perrie Edwards and Britney Spears have all proved how effortlessly photogenic they are, posting extreme close ups sans their glam squads. And while I'm inclined to have a secret sulk and curse my frizzy hair and long face, I'm also intrigued to discover their secret...

@maneaddicts is an instagram account that brings together hair pros from around the world, predicting trends and supporting each other's work. A recent post was shared from @adina_pignatare's grid, who had some very simple advice for people trying to get the best shot of their locks.

The post showed her taking a picture of a client's hair outside on a sunny day, with the person being photographed stood above her on a chair. She went on to explain that the reason for this was so that the hair would benefit from the indirect sunlight, rather than getting caught in it's full glare:

Biggest struggle to get the best hair photo is lighting 💡 Can I get a amen ⁉️🙏🏻🤪

📸 I love taking hair photos outside in indirect sunlight. On this particular day the sun was so strong I couldn’t get the right lighting. It was a game changer once she stood on the chair- it pushed her up out of the direct sun to get the best hair photo.

⁉️ Where’s your favorite place to take photos⁉️.

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The picture even had it's own notes and arrows to make the advice as clear as possible, and other hairstylists either thanked her for her tip, or agreed it was the trick that worked well for them too.

"Love this," commented one follower. "I always take my pics right at the door way to get the indirect light."

Another said, "Amen to that! Love this my favorite places in our parking garage below the building."

Borrowing my dad's camping chair immediately so that I can carry it everywhere for spontaneous hair shots...

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