6 Quick and Easy Ways to Gain *A Lot* of Followers on Instagram

Amrita Nagpal and Pallavi Pratap Malik, brand strategists and co-founders of The Brand Concierge share 6 easy tactics that can turn you into a social media sensation!

As social media takes centre-stage in our fast-paced, technology-driven lives, it's all about establishing an Instagram aesthetic that stands apart from the rest. Be it picking a consistent colour scheme for your feed or discovering the power of editing, it's ultimately all about the number on the top (and a triple digit, at the least!). So much so that social media 'likes', 'followers' and 'shares' are being considered as far more than just digits, but a reflection of one's self worth and confidence. 

You may ask how we know gaining a hefty following on Instagram is a major concern for millenials? Well, just google it. From marketing your professional page the right way to gaining apparent 'fake' followers on the app, you'd find an A to Z guide available on the net! However, it's all easier said than done. Social media marketing and Instagram tactics take a lot more effort than just scrounging for easy followers. But, while it may be a long shot, it's far from impossible.


Amrita Nagpal and Pallavi Pratap Malik, brand strategists and co-founders of The Brand Concierge share insights that will get your Instagram followers scaling new heights!

1. Add character to your brand

Remember, the audience is just a click away. Devise the perfect plan for content and do think about context. Set the right tone for your feed by reinforcing a strong and consistent brand image through continuous layouts, stories and highlights. In its own unique and distinctive way, every post should ooze with the brand’s go-to style statement to build the brand’s overall character, ethos and identity.

2. Your first impressions should be lasting

Most people tend to make snap decisions about a brand on the basis of the first impressions they acquire upon visiting the page. It's simple, if they vibe with it, they stay on longer. So, before you post in a haste, spend a few extra (read crucial!) minutes on tweaking the visuals. It must speak volumes about your brand image and must stay true to your personality. A strong and intense visual aid will definitely make a one-time visitor turn into an instant follower!

3. Make captions your best friend

What’s the trending word today? Which hashtag is most relevant for your business? Which product resonates with your audience? Who is the face for your brand? Answering these important questions are key to unlocking the path to that perfect caption! While noteworthy imagery stops users in your feed, a little bit of text alongside has the power to do all the heavy lifting—it gets more and more people to engage with the post. The most essential step is strike the right balance.

4. Unleash the magic of collaboration

Brand meets brand is a collaboration. The 'why' is as simple as attempting to extend your reach and tapping into a new market. It gives your current followers new influencer marketing, blogger collaborations and a flurry of new content which is always welcome. Besides, it's a golden opportunity for your brand to reach out to new brands, paid promotions, digital campaigns, and media giftings, which are fundamental aspects of new-age marketing on SM or on-trend social media marketing. The trick is to be authentic and proactive, which will thereby answer the 'how'. 

5. Don't forget the #hashtags!

Influencer marketing, blogger collaborations, paid promotions, digital campaigns, special contests and media giftings are just a few ways to increase your brand awareness. However, they all do have one thing in common—hashtags that spell value. A little bit of strategy goes a long way in using hashtags creatively and adding more meat to your content. Give hashtags your undivided attention and you’ll get unhindered visibility!

6. Introspect, Innovate, Implement

Your brand is unique; introspect on that. Your audience is unique; innovate around them. Ultimately, your Instagram analytics will be unique too; implement it. Analytics help understand what kind of visual content garnered maximum consumer reaction and what time of the day your posts shone brightest. They gauge the performance of the page on the basis of captions, imagery, campaigns and all things sundry. In short, analytics are the sum of all the legwork that you’ve put in, so pay some attention to decipher the intricacies of your performance.