The Lazy Girl's Guide to Easy and Fun Cocktails

Try these cocktails with Bae over the weekend!

Being lazy feels so good over the weekend! And if you can add a glass of refreshing cocktail to the weekends without making much efforts, your day is made. Here are three cocktails that you can make on those lazy afternoons with bae, be it a picnic in the garden, a quiet lunch or just the two of you cleaning the space, these will put you in an instant good mood. So go ahead and try them!

Reposado Paloma



60ml Reposado Tequilla 

15ml Sugar syrup 

45ml Grapefruit juice

Top with soda


Build up straight into a salt-rimmed highball glass filled with ice


Charley’s Rum Punch


Ingredients -

60ml Dark rum

45ml Orange juice

45ml Pineapple juice

5ml Grenadine

15ml Lemon juice

1 pinch Nutmeg powder

2 dash  Angostura bitter


Shaken and served in Tiki glass with ice


Gin Basil Smash



6-8 Basil leaves

5-6 Cucumber slices 

15ml Lime juice

15ml Sugar syrup 

60ml Gin

Method - Shaken

Glass -Old fashioned

Garnish -Cucumber slice


All Cocktail recipes by Ajay Tomer, Mixologist at Grappa Bar, Shangri-La’s — Eros Hotel, New Delhi.