6 Women Reveal the Most Important Lesson Learnt During the Ongoing Pandemic

"I realised the need to pick up abandoned hobbies. The world can wait, you have to focus on making yourself happy."

It's safe to say that the unforeseen, unfortunate events that have unfolded over the past year have left an imprint in our memories, forever. The pandemic presented a multitude of hurdles for each one of us, sometimes in more ways than one—and, it certainly hasn't been a smooth sail. 

However, for those of you who see the 'glass half full', the tumultuous times were a blessing in disguise—a 'gentle' reminder to tighten the reins of life, learn to give back, and to self love. The pandemic, the isolation, and the lockdown compelled each one of us to self-sustain, practice self reliance, and be kind. Mind you, not just kind to others, but to oneself too. 


The last many months haven't been easy, and we still have a long road ahead of us. But, if each one of us has learnt one cardinal lesson amid these trying times, we'd make it through victorious. Cosmo reached out to six women—from different walks of life—and asked them to reveal the one *most* important learning they'll hold on to for life. 

"The pandemic taught me the importance of self-care. Sitting at home, isolated and with limited social interaction was taking a toll on my mental health. That’s when it came to me — why not make optimum use of this time and start taking control of my physical and mental well-being? I began exercising everyday, cleansed my diet, meditated thrice a week, and even kick-started a skincare routine. Not only did this keep me occupied, but it also brought me immense peace and happiness." - Stuti, 22

"One important life lesson I learnt during the pandemic was the need to pick up abandoned hobbies. The world can wait, you have to focus on making yourself happy." - Manveen Guliani, 23

"Consistency is key. During the lockdown I would eat, binge watch, sleep, and repeat. This unhealthy routine consequently led to the addition of a few pounds. So, I decided to exercise daily in order to get back into shape. However, every 2-3 days I would come up with an excuse to skip working out. Gradually, I began noticing results and became more consistent with my routine. All in all, I learnt that the ultimate secret to success is consistency of purpose." - Harsha Narula, 18

"I not only realised that the 'me time' was good, but also much-needed. Besides, I got to spend quality time with animals! They made even the worst times easier. Dogs are such great stress busters." - Shivi Khosla, 23

"Sometimes it’s okay (and almost necessary) to slow down. I learnt how to 'live in the moment', rather than chasing the next thing on my to-do list. I found myself feeling grateful for the small things, and there's no better feeling ." - Jaanvi Chopra, 22

"The need to stay and keep calm would be my top take-back. Self-control is something that I developed during the pandemic period. Be it as simple as controlling myself from stepping out for many months, amidst the risk of contracting the virus. In addition, I also gauged the importance of finding ways to continuously motivate oneself." - Unnati Sahni, 25


If we were to ask you, "What's the most important life lesson the pandemic has taught you", what would your response be?