This is What Your Lover's Zodiac Sign Says About Your Relationship

Beware if you are dating a Gemini!

If you are having frequent fights with bae, you may want to take a clue from their zodiac sign to find out what makes them tick!

Celebrity astrologer, prophesier and philanthropist Pandit Jagannath Guruji shares how different zodiac signs behave when in a relationship. He says, ''Handling relationships is a very delicate affair. You can’t clap with one hand, and similarly, a relationship is made or broken by both the partners involved. Some of us change ourselves to suit the preferences of our partners, others are blessed with partners who go all out to ensure the relationship remains strong. A lot of this depends on how your partner is and what's their zodiac sign!''

He shares a few behavioural traits of zodiac signs in love: 



•    Their soul is intensive as well as impulsive
•    Possessive in nature and can thereby complicate issues
•    Can be extremely supportive at times
•    Extremely volatile by nature
•    Can be very supportive at times but might also leave you in a lurch



•    Love to be in their comfort zone and want to take care of themselves
•    They believe in true love, but can be stubborn in a relationship at times
•    Their partner may feel a lack of personal space 
•    Even though they tend to form a strong bond, but because of their temperament, they are prone to extreme bursts of anger 



•    They are very fun loving and at the same time quite calculative
•    A relationship for them often culminates into a matrimonial alliance
•    They may lose interest in a relationship with time
•    Among the few who could be great friends even after a breakup
•    They are sensible but have an insecure nature



•    Very emotional, so much so that they come across in a relationship as dull and depressed
•    They do not hesitate to show their emotions in front of others
•    In fact, they can't keep their emotions for themselves
•    They are not the biggest fans of spontaneity 
•    They would be connected very strongly for a while, but their love won't be that successful
•    They do not handle breakups well and might be sad for a long time
•    They find it problematic to move on



•    Very honest in a relationship, but quite dominating at times
•    Usually they are fun-loving and transparent in a relationship
•    They are happy people who make everyone around them happy too
•    They can handle the breakup and might even fight to win their partner back
•    Only thing they need to worry about is being heartbroken



•    They might be a little insecure but are always sure of themselves
•    They may come across as self-centred and introverted as their world revolves around themselves
•    Many of them have a painful or disturbed relationship
•    Their relationship may not last long, but the romantic and sexual life is often great
•    They are prone criticising their partner quite harshly at times 



•    When the partner is Libra, the relationship thrives on a good support system
•    There are health issues and Librans are also negative thinkers in relationship
•    They will be unexcited, lazy
•    Their relationship is not full of ups and downs, it follows a horizontal trajectory
•    Might compromise on everything to make the relationship fruitful
•    They have solutions, can tackle things and move forward

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•    They are tough lovers
•    Their relationship might be turbulent and can end up being quite an emotional ride
•    They are very gentle and believe in giving you adequate space
•    Good at expressing their love
•    In any situation they will try hard to keep the relationship intact



•    They will let you have what you want but will never overlook their needs too
•    They don't like to waste time in their relationship
•    If a relationship is going well, they turn their focus to other things
•    They are fun-loving, adventurous and like to go to many places with their loved ones, show everything to them
•    They don't express much, prefer keeping everything inside
•    There is a danger of taking the relationship for granted
•    They might not even want to see partner’s face after a breakup



•    Whatever they do will be breaking news
•    They are very open-minded, and hardly care about what others say
•    They are good in marriages rather than a relationship
•    They are practical-minded
•    They know what they want and get what they want



•    Their love is quite special and different
•    They are diplomatic in nature and have a great sense of humour
•    They give utmost importance to the relationship
•    Might not show their love very often but that doesn’t mean they’ll leave you
•    They are very trustworthy and can be trusted with confidential information
•    They will give their 100% in a relationship
•    Mostly they are very good people



•    Their love story usually ends in a tragedy
•    Sweet-natured people who believe in following dreams
•    Might appear boring but are very caring
•    They will sacrifice their own needs for a relationship
•    Honest and bold, but have a very moody temperament
•    Their mood swings might lead to breakups but they are quite dedicated as partners