The Biggest Challenge You Will Have to Face in 2021, According to an Astrologer

And, exactly how to overcome those hurdles.

The new year brings with it new aspirations, new resolutions and the zeal to start afresh—however, it also invites novel, arduous challenges that must be fought head-on. 

While the ongoing coronavirus pandemic seems to be the mother of all battles, your planetary influences and zodiac sign may offer a fair understanding of the hurdles that lie ahead. Renowned astrologer and prophesier, Pandit Jagannath Guruji reveals *exactly* what may be a cause of concern this year—the spheres of life that will demand your attention and the right path to liberation. 




Dear Aries, if you are struggling to attain success in the field of work, take some time out to introspect and mull over the various facets of your job—the underlying issues and your role in rectifying them. Ensure that you don't allow your frustrations to get in the way! With respect to your social life, be wary of the people you mingle with, as you may face betrayal as the year unfolds. At the same time, keep your ego and pride in check to avoid breakups in meaningful relationships. PS. Think before you act out. 




Dear Taurus, this year you will be blessed with peace of mind and harmony. You will find yourself experimenting with new things and expanding your social circle. However, people will leave you disappointed, as they won't be able to match up to your expectations. Curtail your need to depend on others—both in your professional as well as your personal life—and you will experience true bliss. 




Dear Gemini, this year doesn't seem to be a cake-walk for you. You will feel rushed and will hurriedly attempt to meet your personal and professional life goals. However, ensure that you take time out to pay heed to your health as well. Your health will not support you this year—so take all necessary precautions to avoid any breathing or fever-related ailments. In matters of love, you may struggle to trust your partner and may also face some minor misunderstandings in your relationships. Stray away from getting involved in a heated argument at all costs!




Dear Cancer, 2021 brings with it plenty of exciting opportunities, peace and prosperity. You will find yourself channeling your love for nature, and won't give up on any chance to travel or embark on a new adventure. But at the same time, be wary when it comes to your friendships—ensure that you don't ignore your true friends at the cost of making new ones. As you experience an abundance of joy in your personal life, make sure that you don't compromise with respect to your career. Shifting focus from your professional to personal life may lead to an imbalance, giving way to a lack of confidence and grit in work matters. Strive to strike the right balance, y'all.




Dear Leo, this year you will dedicate most of your time and energy into social work. However, don't be taken aback if you experience minor problems on the home front. While your deeds are well intentioned, others may fail to acknowledge or appreciate what you do. The new year urges you to make an extra effort with those people who often tend to misunderstand you. 




Dear Virgo, look forward to an abundance in all fields of life! Your efforts at home and at work will both yield satisfactory results—and, you will be spending quality time with children! (we hope you love them). You will find yourself engulfed in matters that drive you, and you will be passionate about everything you put your heart into. However, be wary of any budding health concerns and follow a nutritious, structured diet plan. 




Dear Libra, you will tend to give more time to your relationships this year—which will pose to beneficial for you (especially for those of you are single and ready to mingle!) The year doesn't seem to lend any major obstacles, however, ensure that you strike an appropriate balance in all fields of life. 




Dear Scorpio, you desire to begin the year on a fabulous note—with an optimistic orientation and pro-active mindset. You will also experience a keen focus in matters related to work and business. However, ensure that you don't go the extra mile for those people who don't appreciate your help. While extending a helping hand to someone in dire need is a commendable virtue, exercise a sense of control in such respects. Help, but don't take responsibility for others' actions.




Dear Sagittarius, you will find yourself opening up to newer opportunities and experiences this year—from potentially setting up a business to meeting new people. However, your eager, childlike mindset may pose to be a cause of concern. Instead of dividing your attention and efforts between a million things, try focusing on a few important ones? Don't panic, give it your all and move on from worrying about the consequent success and failure of your actions.




Dear Capricorn, this year calls for religious fervor and new beginnings—maybe the door to a spiritual pathway. You will perform your duties responsibly and will willingly engage in riskier tasks effectively, owing to your practical approach to life. If you own a startup or are involved in a business, the year will bring profits and prosperity aplenty. However, beware, as some people may take you for granted and might take advantage of your innocent disposition. PS. Avoid revealing your weaknesses to the world!




Dear Aquarius, the new year urges you to work towards bringing about a welcome, positive change in your life. You desire to embark on exciting new adventures and if given the opportunity, would drop all tasks and take a mini-getaway. In short, you're desperate for a break! However, immediately avoid indulging in habits that you feel tend to become addictive. Be cautious of any possible addiction that may take a turn for the worse—a serious medical problem, that can certainly be avoided.  




Dear Pisces, you will find yourself struggling to gain control over intrusive, negative thoughts. To combat this issue, shift focus and engage in activities that demand your physical as well as mental attention—practice meditation, yoga, or any other activity that you may enjoy. You will want to spend an exceeding amount of time with yourself, however, make sure that you reach out to loved ones, if and when required. To step out of your negative mindset, first begin with thinking in a positive direction.