Secrets the Shape of Your Nose Reveal About Your Personality

Your nose speaks louder than words!

Your facial features form the first impression even before you begin to speak. Poets of yore have written paens on eyes and lips of their beloved. The nose, however, hasn’t received as much attention and we wonder why. According to Jean Haner, an expert in face reading and author of The Wisdom of Your Face, your nose represents the overall potential that you can achieve in your life. The nose also holds clues to your personality and predicts what course your life will take. Here’s how Haner decodes different personalities based on the shape of the nose of each individual.

The tip of your nose extends more at the tip

deepika padukone

If you have a nose like this it means you're more of a perfectionist. You would pay attention to minute details when it comes getting a task done.

A bulbous tip at the end of your nose

janhvi kapoor

According to Jean, people with these kind of noses love enjoying the pleasures of life. If you are one among them, you would seek good times without worrying about the repercussions.

A small nose

Chrissy Teigen

Usually people with small noses like to get things done and move on fast and they are quite efficient in whatever they do. As Jean puts it, “They would rather work smart, not hard. They're not necessarily perfectionists, but they're not sloppy with their work either.”

Nose with pointed tip

Kareena kapoor khan

If you have a pointed tip like Kareena Kapoor Khan, then you are someone who is fascinated with life. According to Jean, in Chinese facial reading, any feature that is pointed has to do with excitement, passion, joy, and fun.

A big nose


If you have a big nose it means you believe in enjoying life and taking each day as it comes."These types of people are often collectors of things like fine art," says Jean. "They also tend to work really hard and like spending their hard-earned money on things that allow them to enjoy life,” she adds.