7 Signs You Need Emotional Healing

Emotional health needs some TLC too. These are the signs that you need to pause and hit the reset button

Do you feel happy about your sick leaves accumulating? Do you want to actually pat yourself on the back for being good, staying healthy and not falling sick? Well, at times sickness is not manifested physically. It’s emotional health that we are talking about. The emotional response system usually gets affected when you deal with challenging situations, abusive relationships and trauma in personal and professional lives. But at times the regular day-to-day stress can take a toll too without you even realising it. So how do you know when to hit the pause button or seek help? We chatted up Anamika Yaduvanshi, life coach, motivational trainer and counsellor to home in on signs that could suggest you need emotional healing. She says, “If you have four or more of these notable signs listed below, please do visit a therapist and work on your emotional wellness.”

You Think negatively

Identify the direction of your thought process to be aware and conscious of progression or regression,” says Anamika. If your initial reaction to a situation is pessimism then you really need to think hard why it happens every time.

You have low self esteem

Self esteem is quite fragile. “Sometimes failure may dent your self esteem. Many times pessimism alone may lead to such emotional state in an individual. You feel incompetent and not good enough,” says Anamika. What you need to understand is that no one is a born perfectionist and you must work on improving and upgrading your skill to stay abreast of latest developments in your field. 


You have trouble trusting others

Trust is a complicated aspect. Many times your past experiences may hinder how you trust anyone. “If you have had unpleasant experience in the past, you will lose faith in relationships,” says Anamika. This is also a sign that you haven’t healed.   

You over think

Over thinking will make you question your decisions.You will find it tough to make decision and it will be difficult for you to focus on important tasks because your mind would be occupied in over thinking. Decide and move on, advises Anamika. 

You react instead of responding

You can’t control emotions, you cry at the drop of a hat. You get angry too quickly. You feel overwhelmed. You fail to judge a situation logically. If you do all of these you need help.

You feel tired, low on energy

Constant neglect of emotional wellness leads to a state of brain fatigue which, in turn, depletes essential hormone secretion,” says Anamika. Even a regular day at work and home makes you feel exhausted and you feel drained of all energy.

You feel fearful

You constantly live in fear. It could be any kind of fear. Fear of rejection where you feel that your friends and colleagues may reject you. It could be fear of being alone. “This is a tell-tale sign and requires quick identification and repair,” stresses Anamika.