'Emily in Paris' Season 2 is Officially On Its Way! Here's Everything You Need to Know

mon Dieu! Besides us, the cast seems to be super excited with this news—click to watch their video!

Fellas, it's time to pop the champagne! Been waiting to take a virtual tour of the City of Love? It seems like Netflix's 'Emily in Paris' heard you.

Following the life of Chicago marketing executive, Emily Cooper, who is hired to provide an 'American perspective' at Paris' marketing firm Savoir, the Netflix original series manages to strike the kind of tonal balancing act that made Darren Star’s Sex and the City as fabulous as it is. 

Go and grab a pain au chocolat and gear up for the much-awaited second season of 'Emily in Paris'. 




While Netflix has received a considerable amount of backlash for promoting the show at the cost of cancelling other critically acclaimed series', there's no denying that fans have been hooked, and how (yes, Lucas Bravo's presence certainly helped). Netflix went on to release a statement about the renewal of Emily in Paris' back in November.




Elaborating on the plot for the upcoming season, Darren said, "In season 2, Emily’s going to be more of a part of the fabric of the world she’s living in. She’ll be more of a resident of the city. She’ll have her feet on the ground a little more. She’s making a life there." While the filming of the second season was put on pause due to the global pandemic, the show recently announced that they have resumed production.

In an interview with Cosmopolitan US, Lucas Bravo (we're talking about drop-dead-gorgeous Gabriel), hinted that there could possibly be more layers to the Gabriel, Camille, and Emily love triangle. “We planted a few seeds about different characters. Like Camille, when she kisses Emily on the mouth and she’s like, ‘I’m not sorry.’ And then when they’re in bed and I’m liking the picture, it’s all little seeds. Anything could happen among the three of them. I think Darren wants this second season to be really open-minded,” he said.

In fact, Netflix has also gone ahead and announced that 'Emily in Paris' was its most-watched comedy of 2020, with 58 million households viewing the series!




The second season of 'Emily in Paris' will see Lily Collins (Emily Cooper), Lucas Bravo (Gabriele), Camille Razat (Camille), Ashley Park (Mindy Chen), Philippine Leroy-Beaulieu (Sylvie Grateau), Samuel Arnold (Julien), Bruno Gouery (Luc) and William Abadie (Antoine Lambert), along with other supporting cast members.