Meet the Woman Behind iKheti

Priyanka Amar will change your perspective on sustainable urban farming.

The idea of iKheti came to Priyanka during her last year as an MBA student in Welingkar Institute of Management, Mumbai, as she plucked a chilli from one of the pots growing in her own terrace. If her family could grow a host of herbs and vegetables in Mumbai, so could everybody! And so started Priyanka's mission to promote sustainable urban farming—and it proved to be a game changer. Back in 2012, there was virtually no awareness on the matter. So we held workshops and educate people. Fortunately, much has changed since. Now, we not only provide our customers with raw materials and technical know how, but also physically examine the place to see if the environment is conducive to a nursery, and help them through the initial stages. We have recently collaborated with Dirt, a waste management programme that helps convert waste into compost, which further facilitates the process," she elaborates. With Pune and Nagpur next on the radar, she plans to expand iKheti all over India. We (and the world) can hardly wait!