Sri Lanka Opens Travel for Indian Tourists. Here are the Top 5 Places to Visit

Sri Lanka has reopened for fully vaccinated tourists from India—including those who have got Covaxin. There is no requirement for quarantine for travellers who test Covid negative on arrival. Here's all you need to know.

The Emerald Island of Sri Lanka is now fully open to Indian tourists. In May, the island nation had suspended inbound international flights to check the spread of Covid. As of yesterday, Sri Lanka has announced that fully vaccinated tourists from India—including those who have received Covaxin—can now enter the country without a mandatory period of quarantine. Here is what you need to know. 

What are the requirements to travel to Sri Lanka for Indians?

1. Sri Lanka is now open for Indian tourists.

2.There is no requirement for quarantine for travellers who test Covid negative on arrival.

3. Travellers need to be fully vaccinated (including Covaxin), with the second shot taken at least 14 days before their trip.

4. On arrival, travellers will go to their hotel, where an RT-PCR test will be conducted.

5. Those who test negative can furtur travel where they please.

6. In case you test positive, you will be taken to a health care centre run from the hotel.

7. All other Covid requirements such as social distancing and hand sanitation will need to be observed while in the country. 

What are the top 5 places to visit in Sri Lanka?

For those looking to explore this gorgeous island nation, here are the top 5 travel destinations to put on your travel wishlist.

1. Colombo


The capital city of Sri Lanka, Colombo is filled with international hotels, restaurants, sight-seeing options and nightlife.

How to get there: An trasfer, taxi or express bus will take you to the city directly from the international airport.

2. Sigiriya


Rising from the lush jungle cover of Sri Lanka's central plains, this towering 200m sheer rock is known as the island's palace in the sky, and is home to an ancient palace-fortress. 

How to get there: The best way to reach Sirigaya is a scenic train ride from Colombo that takes approximately 1 hour and  33 minutes.

3. Galle


Located on the southwest coast of Sri Lanka, Galle was founded by Portuguese colonists in the 16th century. It's known for the famous Galle Fort, it's whimsical car-free streets and stunning Portugeese architecture.

How to get there: Galle is 2 hours and 14 minutes by car from Colombo.

4. Kandy


Set on a plateau and surrounded by mountians, Kandy is home to tea plantations, sacred Buddhist sites and biodiverse rainforests. 

How to get there: Kandy is just over a 3 hour car journey from Colombo.

5. Bentota


Can't picture a tropical getaway without hitting the beach? Bentota near Sri Lanka's southwest coast is home to the Bentota beach and lagoon, a sandy strip known for it's  Paradise Island region, Bentota Lagoon and coral-rich dive sites including Canoe Rock. 

How to get there: Bentota is a 1 hour and 42 minute car journey from Colombo.