Cadbury Remakes Their Iconic 90s Ad Swapping Gender Roles to Send an Important Message

Nineties nostalgia, a jingle that brings back memories, gender equality and celebrating women in cricket. There is a LOT to love about this new advertisement.

Confectionary giant Cadbury has released a new advertisement wishing luck to the Indian women's cricket team, reimagining their iconic 1990s campaign with a gender-role reversed take, and people are lovin' it! 


28 years ago, Cadburys won hearts with their iconic ad film, featuring a girl eating chocolate in a floral dress as she intently watches her boyfriend play cricket. The moment he scores a winning run, the girl runs onto the field and dances with abandon to the tune of a jingle sung by Shankar Mahadevan, one that earned a special place in our hearts.

Giving the same advertisement a 2021 update, Cadbury’s new ad celebrates the joy of sports, irrespective of gender. The recent remake features a boyfriend watching his girl play cricket. As she scores a six, he celebrates in a way similar to the earlier 90s film. The ad concludes with #GoodLuckGirls to wish the Indian woman's cricket team ahead of their ODI series with Australia. 

A powerful, thought-provoking remake that tugs at our heartstrings, this film has gone viral, and for all the right reasons. People have been sharing it across social media and celebrating both their love of the nineties and the importance of celebrating women in sports and reversing gender roles in 2021.