11 Struggles of Having a Leo Best Friend

So fierce, she'd put Beyoncé to shame!

​A Leo gets what a Leo wants. Whether it is a bagel or a boy. You know better than to come in her way!

She's pretty particular about plans as well. Try changing the POA last minute. It's a dare.

Your Leo bestie probably comes with very expensive taste. "Honey, I don't do beer. That's just vile."

She's original Karen Walker, isn't she? Telling it like it is!

You'll probably never match up to fierceness.

That also means that if somebody messes with you, she will destroy their Zen (and bones) forever.

You know what they say, when a Leo loses her sh*t, she loses her sh*t.

Her affinity for drama would make Blair Waldorf rethink what she was doing with her life.

She's in on everything before everybody else. Yes, that means she knows all that gossip before you do.

She probably doesn't like your friend Tanya. Or Urvashi. Or Priya. If it were up to her, she's have you all to yourself.

You're regularly saving her from crimes of passion.