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You Can Now Track Your Period on WhatsApp—Here's How

WhatsApp has launched a period-tracking chatbot in collaboration with Sirona Hygiene; scroll to learn how to use it.  

If your aunt from Red China arrives rather unexpectedly, each month—perhaps, you need a period tracker's assistance. In a bid to help women keep track of their menstrual cycle, WhatsApp has collaborated with Sirona Hygiene to introduce a period tracker chatbot that'll offer regular updates regarding your menstrual cycle, ovulation cycle, and more. To utilise this service, one must first save Sirona Hygiene Pvt Ltd's contact (+919718866644). Next, drop them a text saying "Hi". 

After doing so, you will receive a response from the team saying, "Hi, I am Sirona's chat assistant', what are you looking for?". This introductory message will be followed by two options: 1. Track my period, and 2. Customer support. Select the first option, after which you'll be directed to make a few more choices between track my period, trying to conceive, and avoid pregnancy. If you click on 'track my period', you'll be asked to fill up a brief questionnaire concerning your menstrual cycle regularity, cycle length, age, last period date, and so on. On completion, you should receive a detailed description of your menstrual and ovulation cycle. Alternatively, in case you are trying to conceive or avoid getting pregnant, you must pick those options first, and fill up the questionnaire, thereafter. Ensure that you submit precise personal details to get the closest-to-accurate information. 

The new feature that has been rolled out on WhatsApp will help you keep track of your menstrual cycle to avoid facing an unexpected period, plan your pregnancy in compliance with your ovulation days, and similarly, limit the chances of pregnancy. Once activated, the chatbot will send out timely updates and reminders. Apart from its latest collaboration with the instant messaging app, Sirona has its dedicated application that lends educational content, e-commerce, community engagement, and an in-built period tracker.