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New Moon, New You: Here's How to Manifest Your Wishes on the Powerful New Moon of June 29 and Beyond

Prepare to breathe life into your desires!  


Considered the most positive and powerful new moon of the year, gather your purest intentions, your journal, your truth, dreams, and all that you desire on June 29 till the next full moon on July 13 to manifest everything you desire.

You may wonder if manifestation truly works, but the short answer to the long rumination is—yes, it does. Only when you align your actions to your core values is when you truly start manifesting. This is how we start seeing new events, new opportunities, and new journeys come together.

The new moon allows us greater awareness of our core values. It also allows us to reflect deeply on our emotions. To tap into the new moon energy that will last for the next few days, start by being grateful for the big and small things in your life and acknowledging that you are indeed capable of doing great things. It’s important to have awareness and focus on what we can change, instead of complaining and trying to control what you can’t. To start seeing your life with a fresh pair of eyes, begin by recognizing your strengths and acknowledging how far you may have come. This new moon is also important to cultivate awakenings and openings that are good for you and help you stay balanced.

Here’s what you need to do to tap into the new moon energy


On a new moon day of the lunar cycle, the Moon aligns with the Sun. Astrologist Jai Madaan says, “During the new moon phase of life, the moon is like your subconscious state of mind. It’s a clean slate, you can write on it and whatever you want you can manifest on it. You need to do it regularly till full moon appears and treat your manifestations like a new born child. This will help complete one cycle. In this new moon time you should be out in the nature, wear white, allow your body to absorb the energies and keep writing what you want with a blue ink pen or a pink ink pen.”

In order to tap into the new moon energy at home, begin by clearing out your space and creating a corner for yourself where you can meditate and write in your journal. According to Keiko Ariizumi, astrologer and author of ‘The Power Wish’, “The gravitational pull of the Moon maximises its energy during this phase, and we can use it to manifest our deepest desires. During the New Moon, imagine yourself accomplishing any sort of goal, long or short term—opening your business, moving to a new city, improving your mental health—and write it down in your journal”.




In the morning, when you are starting your day, begin with intentions that are positive for you. For one, two, or five minutes, go to a quiet place and observe your emotional state, when you recognize how our body feels, it increases your focus and vibrational energy. At the end of the day, your body will feel uplifted, and more energised. Take care of what you have been procrastinating for some time. When we take action, we will feel a great sense of pride and ownership. Point is: start and finish projects you have been sitting on for a while.

The new moon helps us recognize what is blocking our energies. When we start, but never finish, it is because we lack consistency and productivity. It’s all about training yourself to finish what you have started. Get ready to make changes and uplift all aspects of your life—it could be as intentional as getting rid of a bad habit or starting your day shunning out limited beliefs that challenge your productivity.

Additionally, you could also start your day by repeating these two mantras post the June 29 new moon:

“I expect wonderful blessings of all kinds.” – Gives your day a good kick-start.
 “I am in perfect balance with myself, in chaos, in relationships, in actions and in restfulness.”— Helps you stay protected from energy vampires.


Switch on your goddess mode today!